Batching does not behave like it did in Vanilla

Blizzard literally said it’s different.

That being said, its great that you’re happy with it despite the issues it has displayed since beta in regards to pets, and hunter dynamics in particular.

When I played Pokemon on my 3DS (Red, Blue and Yellow) in 2017 after about 5 to 7 years of not playing them, they also didn’t feel “right.” Some players even said the game might have been changed to be easier.

Many players realized though that they were about 15 to 20 years older.

Memory and age issue imo. Not the game.

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Pets are definitely awful to use, I agree. 20 something levels in and he responds when he feels like it, sometimes stops doing stuff, incredible delays in abilities going off like saccing my void for a shield and having it pop a few seconds later really changes the elements of strategy and urgency.

People have been talking about catching for nearly the entire time the Classic has been out. Detailing problems with heals not landing and strange hits because the devs wanted to create that quirk (that people asked for, for some reason). Call me deafeatist but i think at this point if they ~wanted~ to change things they would. If it was causing massive problems for clears they would make changes but since its low tier issue, to them, i think we are stuck with it

Either way. Batching needs to be toned down. We’re on different connections today. We will never have the exact experience. Its about recreating that fun environment of the game back then. Spell Batching takes away from it. It doesn’t even need to be fully removed, just adjusted so it isn’t so drastic. Its annoying how blizzard haven’t addressed this at all. If this is in TBC Classic, I can imagine not very many would be happy.

This is a good summary of the people that don’t like my posts. “I’m going to ignore your facts and continue to push my false narrative.”

I also like the part where you’re linking the Blue post that refutes more of the OP:

Good thing I am not here defending the OP as a person or his remarks. Im just using the topic for the discussion, so I do not have to make my own.

The no changers are 100% everything that’s wrong with classic. Literally the worst thing to happen to the game. They’re some of the most ignorant people about the game and haven’t even played in years then show up to play classic demanding they don’t change anything because they’ll ruin the game they loved. They aren’t even private server players or people who do meaningful content in the game. They’re just people paranoid that blizzard will ruin their nostalgia.

Blizzard gave them exactly what they asked for, and continually sat on their hands because they’re convinced that’s how everyone wants the game to be Hopefully they don’t make the same mistake with TBC. Listening to the loudest minority of players is just beyond ridiculous when it comes to game development.

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Okay Valinia, you just go on and pretend that batching is broken with zero examples because everything that is ever posted as “proof” that batching is broken is easily refuted.

Batching sucks, it always sucked and people the people that convinced Blizzard to implement an archaic action processing system from 2004 don’t want to accept any responsibility now that they realize how wrong they were to beg for this technical downgrade.

I hope they remove it.

It is not working as it did in vanilla as stated by the blue post. And only someone who is inexperienced or has not really played a lot in the old client would try to defend its perfectly fine. As said they did a nice job emulating it, but the devil is in the details.

And ye, keep disagreeing with blizzard and claim batching works the same as it did in vanilla even though they literally tell you its not the singe gameloop anymore that they used to have.

And no batching works perfectly fine on the 1.12 client and people did not have issues with it. Nostalrius used batching and people loved that experience. So maybe, just maybe its only Blizzards implementation in 1.13 thats garbo. But ye keep spillin your BS

You really like manipulating Blizzard’s words.

Batching doesn’t natively exist on the 1.12 client. Nostalrius added 400ms batching. Find me an example of what you think is batching on Classic not working properly and I will debunk it like I have every single time.

When Blizzard does it, “it’s not right it’s just an emulation!”
When Nostalrius does it, “it was perfect!”

Just blind animus, that’s all your posts are.

You have never debunked anything. I also do not need to find you examples. There is literally a blue post stating that it does not work like it does in vanilla. I am not sure why you think you know better than Blizzard. So just stop

The 1.13 client plays differently than the 1.12 as well, so I am not sure why you keep insisting on your useless narrative claiming it is the same, when it literally is not.

Nostalrius, as well as other Pservers used the 1.12 client and for some reason batching was not as much of a gaming hidnerance there as it is now.

You know, there were two posters far more honest than you posting above that would seemingly disagree with you.

Facts > Feelings.

Batching is server-side, not client side. So the client version doesn’t matter too much, it’s the server code that matters. And private servers didn’t use the same code as Blizzard.

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That video was released on Nov 13, 2013.

And it seems like it’s taken place on a private server, given the date the video was recorded.

If you go from the beginning you can see the server is Jubei’Thos…a vanilla Oceanic server. Its vanilla footage just uploaded at a later date.

Well technically classic is also no using the same server side code in regards to batching as vanilla did. When they picked the server side code for classic it was after some major changes to rework and basically remove batching were made. Batching was cludged in very late in beta.

I thought it was an odd name there until i looked up on google and found that out actually. So that’s a real server that exists on live.

However, the desc of the video he said it’s “This was done back in 2006 (Patch 1.9.2)”… The 1.9.2 patch is released in January 12, 2006 and The next major patch (1.10) won’t be out until March 28, 2006.

From getting my eyes sick from the horrors that is 360p, he seems to be using SCT options v1.52 which is Scrolling Combat Text. (what else SCT would stand for?)
And that addon was first released on Oct 23, 2006, according to curseforge. This is all without knowing when the V1.52 is coming out. And to be frank, i actually don’t know when that version came out.

This is the part i don’t get here. He said he played on 1.9.2, but SCT didn’t release until some time after 1.12.2, at October, 13 2006. I’m honestly confused here on this part.

But even if were gonna cop this up just bad memory or just forgotten the specifics, that only begs one question, why is he sitting on this footage for 5 to 7 years then? :thinking:

The guy is kind of a big deal. 2013 is around about when youtube started letting you upload videos longer than 10 minutes long.

Not everything is shady.