Base HUD UI… (ui discussion)

Will it kill all the addon based ui?

10.0.5 and onward. (Discount 10.0.2)


What about the 10.0.5 base UI do you think is going to be such a drastic improvement over the current one?

*Noms Thallia again*

Mmm…Night Elf num nums.


Go on the PTR and find out and I wish I could describe everything but I can’t.

I see this in the patch notes:

That’ll help, but for folks like me whom need the original UI shapes without resorting to addons (clickers need the UI to not taint and addons that move the bars taint a lot with the new UI), that’s only part of the equation. It’s a step in the right direction, but those round bags are ultra difficult for me to click properly (or reliably) with my deformed arm and the monochromatic minibar icons are almost impossible for me to see without my nose against the TV.

10.0.5 definitely won’t eliminate the need for addons for anyone that isn’t a clicker that needs or wants the original UI layout, shape, and artwork.