Barthilas Server population good?

Hi, Im new to WoW and been playing Alliance Frostmourne but found the races quite boring. I want to play Horde on Barthilas but my mate says its not as good and not much guilds. He also said doing endgame content there is hard like looking for raids. Is this true because i really wanna keep playing on my Orc warrior so much better then the pink skin humans.

But if Barth is bad I’ll switch to Alliance.

Bath has less top end guilds (as in early CE level guilds) but still has a healthy raiding community. If you’re not pushing for very early CE then you’ll easily find a raiding guild. If you want to raid as horde then barth is the place to be.

Sorry what do you mean by CE level guilds?

Cutting Edge.

Yes Cutting Edge, as Nekro said. Basically killing the last boss of the raid on mythic. I’m going to assume by your asking that that you’re not assuming for those guilds and thus Barth is where you wanna be to play horde.

Oh ok is that for like sweaty people that pay wow 80% of the day? cuz i just wanna do normal endgame stuff and pvp

Maybe the ones that kill it in the first 2-3 weeks.

Oh then barth horde should be fine the only thing i dont like about horde is associating with undead :frowning: no offense but aren’t you a zombie.

Why would I take offence to not being a zombie?