Baradin Hold Loot

Doing a Baradin hold 2 days ago (10 man) class run. Boss drops rogue PVE gloves and Rogue only PVP pants, I am the only rogue. ML is not on and the Raid leader says gratz rogue. I roll need and everyone who i see passes. The RL leaves and soon follows the rest of the raid leaving me group and another player who is afk not rolling. We both begin getting the countdown that will teleport us out of the dungeon.

After being teleported we zone in the boss is gone and nobody got the loot.

I checked my mail, whispered the others. Unless they are un-truthful I have no idea what happened to that loot. There was no reason for them to take it nobody was hostile everyone was friendly.

Where did the loot go? Raid ID: 271750861