Bans, bans, everywhere bans

Has anyone thought of what would happen if they did ban GDKP? Another form gold for loot system will arise that will stay within the bounds of TIS. Honestly it could have a much bigger impact on inflation than what we are seeing now. Like others have said GDKP isn’t the real problem, RMT is. Until Blizzard wants to attack it head on and stay on top of it. It is something that we just have to live with.

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This is the type of toxic mentality that makes classic bad. Having a dictatorship giving out loot based on their feelings is wrong. Everyone deserves to get loot if they put time into a run.

Blizzard commented on this in their post addressing the new GDKP policy in SoD. I’m curious, have you read it? Let me know if you need help digging it up.

The short of it is, they assert that they have ways of detecting this type of gameplay and seemingly intend to treat similar loot systems that crop up with the same policies. Folks do get creative, especially when there’s money to be made, so we’ll have to see what happens here.

I wholeheartedly agree that Blizzard should attack RMT head on, but that doesn’t mean that GDKP also isn’t a problem and shouldn’t be addressed. Just because you can’t solve all the problems doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to solve some of them.

If I can hire someone to craft gear, potions, food, ect. I can also hire someone to help me do a quest. Same goes for hiring someone to run me through a dungeon. I can hire Tanks, Healers and DPS to run me through a raid. All within the bounds of the rules. Can you imagine Tanks asking for 30-40k from a raid to tank for them? I’ve already started to see some of it on the Whitemane cluster for dungeon runs. It’s small for now… until GDKP gets banned.

RMT and Botting is the only issue at hand. If Blizzard hammered and I mean HAMMERED down on truly Banning accounts ( No temp bans) for that type of activity. GDKP’s would only benefit those who grinded their asses off to pay for loot, which no one should have an issue with. I have 60’s in era and if I want to go raid something for pixels, I either start or join a SR run.

That’s not a correct attribution or summary. The post your are quoting addressed the reality that the game itself incentivizes gold buying; it was not an argument in favor of gold buying; it was an argument against banning innocuous player activity that, like the game itself, incentivizes gold buying.

Your post strawmanned what I said. So your follow-up question had nothing to do with me, but with your strawman. Hence, no response.

The rules are changing. See here:

It’s going to depend on how Blizzard wants to interpret, and enforce this, but I think you could make a pretty strong case that a Tank charging gold in exchange for a run is effectively falling under this category. We’ll have to see what they do. I think other folks have already pointed out “But what if I we exchange consumables for gear”… which I suspect Blizzard will just interpret as the same thing.

You can try to work around this and nitpick at the logic all you like but it’s not really up to you (or me), it’s up to Blizzard. It’s also pretty easy to interpret the intent of the message they’re sending, whether you agree with it or not.

I strongly suspect that if RMT was eliminated, GDKP would dry up pretty quickly. I’d much prefer to see that happen because I agree that it’s the top issue. However, GDKP is a driver not only RMT, but also of the accelerated inflation we’re seeing throughout Era. Folks who do GDKP can afford the consumables, those who don’t struggle more. So I’m ok with GDKP going by the wayside. Whatever benefits the loot system has to offer (and I agree it has some) are obliterated by the detrimental effect it’s having on the game.

Even with gold buying taken off the table, GDKP has really pushed players away from social groups to tackle content. Why join a guild and build that relationship when you can just buy your way through? Any GDKP run that operates as a consistent and repeated community event would find the same success with any other loot system. The gold might have brought your community together in the first place, but once it’s established, it doesn’t really need to go anywhere. Folks can just play for the fun of hanging out together, after all.

Oh look, you didn’t answer the question… How shocking! I’m done with you.

I’ll never account for others’ strawman assertions. If that offends a poster who strawmans me, am I supposed to beg that poster to keep replying to my posts?

A more mature way to proceed might be to stop strawmanning. Then we can actually discuss the issues.

The irony of course is your OP.

No, I play Era. No irony.

GDKP’s days are numbered. Looking forward to actual gamers playing wow again. Throw out the Boosters and the Bots too, and the smell might actually start to improve in SW.


I couldn’t care less what Blizzard does in their Retail playground, which includes all iterations of WoW outside Era. That’s the place where paying customers are relegated to ping pong balls to be batted back and forth with changes a la flavor-of-the-day gripes.

Just leave Era alone. We didn’t “really” want it to come back “just as it was,” though we did (apparently). Still, since its here, let’s do what we committed to and leave it as it is.

Interestingly enough, I want every player who wants GDKP bans to leave Era and not return unless they abandon their anti-Era attitude. Of course, the difference between me and the Era phonies (those play Era but have Retail blood in their veins, as evidenced by their calling for Era to change) is that, while I want the phonies to leave and go home (to Retail), I’m not calling for Blizzard to do the deed. Because I want the game to remain the same (Era has room even for its enemies).

The good news is Blizzard is already testing out their GDKP ban! You sound mad though bro! Rofl

You seem hostile so I’ve got an additional idea for Microsoft. When the GDKP hard ban comes into play there should also be a port to Fresh servers. Only thing that transfers are your equip, bop’s, quest items and 100gold. Sure Classic Era would lose the gdkp cartel but they would gain back many more players. Know of a few personally who are waiting to return to the game once the circus leaves town.

No, not hostile. I just don’t want to see Era wrecked by Retail thinking. I don’t raid, so I’m not directly affected by any kind of loot management system, and certainly wouldn’t be directly affected by a GDKP ban. I’d welcome a reset. Wipe it all and let us do it again. No retention of gear or gold or anything.

GDKP is not classic! What trash server were you on in 2004. Doubtful you were even here.

I’ve proposed similar in the past, except no gold and nothing that could be traded to another character. If Blizzard promised to strictly prohibit RMT, botting, and monetization gameplay (GDKP, boosting, etc…) then I would transfer there in a heartbeat.

The people who really want retail but pretend they want Classic can have the servers and stew in the mess they’ve made for themselves. Even if I ended up playing there by myself this would be fine, but I suspect I’m not the only one disappointed by what has become of Classic Era.

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Yes, I was there. Don’t remember the server, though. But I’ve never raided. Never had time, even back then. Had a family, etc. So always casual player. Lone wolf.

Whether it was done or not back in '04, the game allowed for it. So I disfavor changing the game today to disallow it.

Sustainability is the word of the day! There is a reason SoD doesn’t permit GDKP. Putting aside the economics and future sustainability of wow, the entire GDKP scene is toxic. With the equip I have and 20 years of knowledge, I could make disgusting amounts of gold. That being said, I’m also not a prostitute in real life either!


Your old. Just swipe it and play. Right?

Loot council is cheating. Pot meet kettle.