Banned guildie

I have a guild member who would never do anything wrong, who went on vacation to another country and helped us raid while he was there. Got banned for real life currency trading (which he has not done) and keeps getting denied the chance to send his evidence of his vacation because his ban was upheld.

What kind of customer support is this? We have a group of 25 players who have been playing together in WoW for 3 years now and this is infuriating to every one of us.

It seems ridiculous to me that you would push someone’s appeals away when he is trying to prove he’s innocent.

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You really think your friend is the only person who travels.

Traveling won’t end up with your account being banned for real life currency trading. Even if that’s what your friend is trying to claim is happening.

There’s nothing you can do on your friend’s behalf. They can appeal, but it isn’t a “plead your case” type of thing. Appealing just asks blizzard to put another set of eyes on the situation to make sure a mistake wasn’t made. You can appeal usually 2-3 times and have them check again but after a bit they will tell you the decision is final.


While it is admirable you would support your friend, unfortunately this is not an appeals forum, and since this is not a private forum not much information about your friends account will be shareable.

Travel is not necessarily the reason why your friend received this reason for their ban. An appeal is not a court of law, where you enter evidence to support your appeal. In fact, the only evidence Blizzard uses is what their in game log shows.


Afraid the appeals is not a court and they do not take evidence from other then their own logs. If the logs show the violation in question they will uphold the penalty.

Also unless your standing over your guild mates shoulder 24/7 you never know what else they might be doing.


As Tofflemire mentioned, we’re very much aware that people take vacations and travel. An account is extremely unlikely to be penalized simply for playing from a different location.

There are usually other events involved, assuming that what your friend was penalized for even took place while they were out of the country. Penalties could be from activity that took place several weeks or even months ago.

I appreciate that you want to support your guild mate. Hopefully, something will come to light that changes the original verdict, but as it stands, the only means of appeal is through our ticket system and only from the registered user on that player’s account, not their guildies or friends, sorry.