Banned for defending nodes

Prot paladin queing for AB, I can hold nodes for a long time until reinforements arrive. Why is this a bad thing for me to do? Should I get banned for tanking Drek in AV as well? Seriously Blizzard now my ticket takes how many days to even respond?


Eagerly awaiting the rare Blizzard slapdown of facts.

What usually happens when people say they’re “defending Stables” is someone spends multiple games at a time whining a stables to “just give up already”. They get reported because they’re annoying. Blizzard looks at the logs and sees that in 8 of your last 10 games you did 0 damage and 0 healing and hits you with a 2 week ban.


Well yeah but not in ab, horde are in favor of 1 tower down zug which is a strategy which sometimes works. But if too many players die it fails, and if there is a druid to cc a tank the boss will start hitting the dps and so forth. So if a druid does do that they will all report the druid in as a way of preventing this.

There are not enough players in ab for this, but I am not sure of ab.

Saying f it farm badges when you lose 3 games in a row very close, never losing stables but defending it. 7 day ban? I was on my lower level rogue farming 3 AB marks. Still constantly defending stables. I have played winning games on my prot paladin and nobody ever touched stables. Where is the guide on how you should play AB. Its not in the que info

This. I defend nodes all the time and have never been banned.


AKA I sat at farms the entire game every game. Or you sat in the mines in AV LUL.

First time for me. Hadn’t done pvp for 2 days randomly banned for pvp abuse.

basically. Why you can can just go off and do some damage, die like a muppet.

See, I have numbers now!

Useless numbers as now the enemy rogue takes the point. But…you have numbers.

team heading for loss most likely…it helps avoid bans. sometimes you take of number 1. You.

I play prot paladin should I try to do damage, or live long enough to defend node until reinforcements arrive?

I don’t pvp at all with lower levels and just randomly reading this and i got to say this makes no sense that you were banned for guarding a node. I don’t understand. Is there something you are not admitting? Were you fighting with someone?


The ban says Pvp abuse. Trying to figure that out.

I’ve leveled 3 characters COMPLETELY in AV from 51-60 and never been banned. I spent my entire time in the harpy caves.

You were doing something wrong. I don’t believe your story. You were AFK or something.

You probably deserved the ban.

some go go go players see defence as all afk’ers.

which does happen yes.

sometimes though…its the nooby nooby rogue who goes I can’t kill this dude. I will run out of cc. then I will die. so they wave off the attack. saving the point.

Paladins with bubbles especially.

So you’re just putting your opinion on me. Not actually saying anything important. Appreciate the flame. Do you get banned for that? Because defending stables all the time as a prot paladin gets me banned. Wierd how I didn’t ask for Frosstfire’s opinion on my honesty, literally knowing nothing about me btw. Thats cool isn’t this some crazy extended form of harassment?

He was probably AFK on his mount and just standing at capture points to leach or he was AFK in the mines or something.

No way someone who is actually playing catches a ban. You can not even PVP and be fine. I’ve done it a lot.

As long as you are playing your character Blizzard doesn’t care what you are actually doing.

Sitting on your mount isn’t playing.

That is soo odd that banning for that is allowed.

It doesn’t matter what you did or do. All that matters is that you get reported too many times by other pricks in the BGs. If that happens, Blizzard WILL suspend you and wipe your honor. You are then left to rot with a totally worthless support staff and mocked by all the Blizzard sycophants on forum if you post about it.


Assuming the situation knowing nothing Frosstfire. Go away please?

How is it you got banned then and I never have while leveling characters in AV (while not PVPing)? Weird…

First time banned thanks. Why are you here? With nothing to add besides “Yo this guy is lying!”