[Banana Land] 10/10H AOTC LFM for 9.1

Guild : Banana Land

We are a Horde guild on US Illidan made of long time raiding partners and friends. Our goal is to casually do the content each patch has to offer. We like to meme and have fun, but know when to get down to business when it’s time to raid and down bosses. We are looking to push AOTC first and also Casual mythic if content is down and the current roster all agrees! We have mix group of people who like to do BG’s/Arena’s and other assets of the game. Ultimately we are just trying to form a fun casual raiding scene that will not waste our time during the week while having a good time.

Raid times

  • Tues 8-11(est) heroic
  • Weds 8-11(est) mythic


  • Tanks (M+ tanks)
  • Rdps (mage,hunter,warlock,sham,priest)
  • Mdps(Rogue,warriors,DK,monk)
  • Heals (looking for any)

If interested Message me or my officer

Guild Leader
Disc - Loadsofjuice#7050
Bnet - Loadsofjuice#1585

Still looking to get those numbers :slight_smile:

Open doors!

Best looking guild around. Still could use some support and RDPS!

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I am interested. I am leaning towards mage heading into SL.

Bnet Addiam#1222
Disc Addiam#6617

I added you man! looking forward to chatting!

Aye! Bring me some tanks :slight_smile:

plenty of space for more people!

Still looking for more!!

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Morning folks! Let’s get ready for shadowlands

Looking for more!

Edit: I’m blind apparently. I’ll contact you in game.

Keep em coming! Added a few more, looking forward to chatting

Tons of bananas

All the Bananas!

Early morning butttt! We still looking

Weekend bump for the Bananas!

Hey its my birthday! You should join us!

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couple weeks away! still recruiting for everything!

Events starting! Only a couple more weeks guys!