Ban twinks for exploiting scaling system


As you know that twinks were separated from regular leveling player queues. However, they started to exploit scaling where they stop at level 20 and get sets, scaling make them as powerful as being a 29lvl twink.

Taking advantage of scaling is an exploit and should be a bannable offense.


So there is a problem with playing the game and using the system currently in it?

That’s not exploiting.

(Thèón) #3

Why don’t you get some gear? That way you can, you know, stand a chance against other people with gear.

(Symbioserous) #4

I like the way you reach for the stars. Perhaps that mentality can be put to more productive use elsewhere.


This guy right here has found a way to get into XP on BGs with his XP off.

He keeps changing his name too. I would imagine in the hopes of not getting outed.

His name was Fungus when he 1 v 10’ed the BG I was in.


I saw this video the other day where a level 1 twink beat a level 12 character it was great. I have never made a twink and never will but it’s a fun concept, who cares?