Ban eSport from WoW Classic

WoW Classic must never be corrupted by the abomination that is eSport. No Arena in WoW Classic. No rated BGs in WoW classic. No Mythic Dungeon ladder. eSport has ruined the classes in WoW retail.

Never, ever bring eSport to WoW classic!


These systems will not appear in Classic so I think it’s a bit of a non-issue. That doesnt mean there can’t be any sort of e-sports. Hell there were a couple of dueling tournaments people were running on the demo with cash prizes.

What you are really saying is that game mechanics and the fun of the average player shouldn’t suffer to support e-sports.


Not concerned about this…that comes in BC, along with flying and bg’s pretty much destroyed world pvp, granted they put in some pvp objectives like the towers in hellfire…but that was a pitiful replacement for organic world pvp.


I would not be the least bit surprised if Blizzard found a way to add eSport to WoW Classic.

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I don’t see how they can make it an eSport.


This seems a little farfetched considering none of those systems were in the original version of World of Warcraft. There’s no point being preemptively mad at Blizzard for something which most likely will not happen. As far as I can see, this is just an excuse to complain about something.

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What would they make an esport out of? There is no arenas, dueling would cancel out 80% of the classes, and there isn’t any mythic plus trash to race through.

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Duels are pretty much rock, paper, scissors in classic. Classes hard counter certain classes. Arenas didn’t exist.

Unless a 3rd party addon creates a timer mechanism for dungeons that lets people compete in speed runs then I don’t see anything close to a mythic dungeon ladder.

If any esport ever comes to classic, it would be years from now after everyone gets their bellies full of classic. Then I would see them creating TBC instead of trying to implement esports on something not made for esports.

And honestly, if they created a tbc server, you could 100% have an esports scene while also not touching any of the classes. In 2v2 and 3v3 there were strong comps, but there was no comp that bested everyone. You think SL/SL resto Druid is op? I would like you to meet my friend shadow priest rogue.

agreed. keep esports away from classic. esports is a modern aspect that will take away from the classic time machine experience.

I totally agree. Though, I will say that I don’t mind community ran events that are internally organized. But, I think you’re talking about Blizzard sponsored stuff and I totally agree there.




They are trying with the mythic dungeon invitational, maybe not specifically an esport but they are trying to make it more popular to watch these events on twitch, its part of why dungeons feel like races now instead of adventures


Classic WoW has no E-sports potential because it has no rating systems or any of that other trash that does not belong in a MMORPG.

Actually all pvp in WoW classic was rated pvp but the ratings were in individual characters and there was no separate unrated pvp.

I guess if you want to call the Rank grind a rating system, or that you want to call the system of people rating the capability of others a rating system.

“Rating” in TBC is what I was referring to in my post tho, and the same kind of methodology applies today in the modern game. The only thing is that the achievement system in the modern game cross links everything but I hear you can turn that feature off; I just don’t see an option anywhere to do that or I would have done so already.

Wouldn’t a world first raid race also constitute as ‘eSports’? Most games have a system that rewards players for being more skill or having more time than other players, even… or especially… in Classic. I don’t understand the vitriol here towards those systems. People will naturally gravitate towards, and respect, the players that can ‘rise above the rest.’ We’ve been doing that in MMORPGs for the longest time. Only difference is now there is media attention on it.


The problem with eSport is the effect it has had on the WoW classes, the corruption that is HOMOGENIZATION.


I agree with you, but there is no way to inject esports into Classic because it has no mach making systems built in, there is no way to get a private battle room like in the retail game with “war-games”.

So I don’t see how the esports garbage could ever be injected, and I am thankful for that.

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druid and warrior with skillherald… yawn…
I dont think you have to worry about the esports scene in classic bud.

oops i click the wrong forum.

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