Balancing Epic BGs

nobody is putting a gun to your head making you queue epics. if you don’t want to play them then don’t play them.

I want to Que Epics and for half of them to not be trash. If i get a trash one I will just AFK or leave. It’s that simple. You can AFK or leave a BG when ever you want they are casual. It would just be better if we fix the problem no reason to make this discussion difficult. Many people have stated we desperately need balance and blacklisting. Until then AFK and Desterter it is. Then Que again and try your your luck…Oh WG AFK and Deserter again… Que again ohh Ashran…AFK and Deserter again… Let’s break the loop!

Okay that was the last one now only responding to reasonable comments and will only respond to people that make reasonable valid points. You haven’t made any. We have to work on fixing Epic BGs if you don’t see a problem then you are part of the problem.

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meaning you will only respond to people who agree with you.

but we don’t. there are minor things here and there that make the maps asymmetrical. but lets be honest AV and IoC are only “trash” because they aren’t free wins for alliance anymore. WG is fine, you just don’t like losing to someone who burnt you to death(because they could never take you 1v1 legit).

AV is a free win for horde. Could that be why you don’t see a need to change anything?

If winrates in most BG’s are 50/50 (maybe 45/55), shouldn’t a BG’s winrates being skewed heavily in one direction speak to its imbalance? Be honest, when you’re looking for your daily epic win and you see the AV loading screen, you’re celebrating internally. You know how it’s gonna play out.

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That’s nice. AFK and leave then. No reason to change stuff just for you.

Most of the Epics are free wins and atrociously unbalanced.

Lets take Ashran for example on Ally the plan is go straight to flowers and attempt to wipe them because Horde has the clear advantage. Now the entire team decided if we wipe there to Leave. Every and I mean every Ashran I do if Ally wipes on the first fight most people leave, rest AFK.

It’s horrifically designed now and anyone with common sense can see that! Ashran used to be fun you did elites flower and buffs were stackable so you could just join Ashran and have the buff. There were epic battles all over. Now it just try to win the first battle that favors the Horde or leave. Great design nothing is wrong here :man_facepalming:

This isn’t about me when the entire team in the Epic says win the first fight or leave/afk. Which is how every WG and Ashran are. Heck when many ppl get WG or Ashran they just leave immediately because there is no Blacklisting.

You can leave and do quest and the required PvE stuff for PvP while deserter is up anyways. Or a better solution would be to actually Balance these Epics and add in Blacklisting.

no it isn’t.

It would appear to me that of the whopping 990 AV’s played, you won 692 of them or 69%.

On my horde rogue which I created at the tail end of legion, of the 105 AV’s played, I won 72 or 68%.

Look around at some of the horde characters on the forums and let me know which BG their highest winrate is in.

free win for horde right?

Unless you forgot to link 989 more screenshots, I’d say your own record is more telling than that singular image.

I’ve won AV’s as alliance too recently. Those scattered anecdotes don’t make it less of a layup for horde.

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the issue though isn’t that its a free win for horde, its that most ally can’t win, put actual pvpers on the ally team that understand the map, and provided the pugs listen to the pvpers, they will win.

mine is Ashran, i am 170-2 or 98.83%

It’s strange then that alliance don’t have issues winning in the other BG’s, isn’t it? I guess we all just collectively forget how to play well when we zone in to AV or ashran, just like horde all collectively lost IQ when they zoned into AV and IoC during cata. :thinking:

Right lol that’s the other BG in question here. Just a tremendous, extremely consistent skill deficiency, is it? Move along, nothing to see here with a ~99% winrate?

Have you thought about going Ally to see what the ratio would come to? I’d be very curious how that might pan out. People argue a lot about this map with buffs/toys/mage fights. Since you know the strat and have the exp, you’d be ideal.

probably, playing both sides, horde is simply better, the map doesn’t matter, the gear doesn’t matter, when you sit and watch the players fight in group fights, horde is just better.

im not talking your pvpers, im talking your regular pugs, the randos. pvpers can only carry so much before it comes down to average team skill.

Why then do we do fine in the other BG’s?

i’m 7-7 currently on my ally dk. it doesn’t get nearly the playtime and its just now hitting 430 ilvl so im not able to output the same overwhelming damage as my main.

the biggest issue on ally is dealing with immature egos, in that sense, getting horde players to cooperate is much easier than getting ally players to cooperate. and that is a major part of the problem in epics, you need to play as a team, not 40 individuals.

who said you do?

Do you have a 99% winrate in any other BG’s?..

I feel ya. When it gets overwhelming for me I hop on horde toons and queue against them, focus them, and hope they leave. Sorry Ally, I know that makes them scream more before they quit, but…

Prev Season:
AV: 114-19 85.71%
Ashran: 95-1 98.95%
IoC: 82-19 81.18%
WG: 101-12 89.38%

Current Season:
AV: 57-12 :82.60%
Ashran: 62-0 100%
IoC: 47-8 85.45%
WG: 54-10 84.37%