Balance Question

Just returning to the game after a lot of years. I’m going to play a boomkin but I’m kinda torn between Tauren and Highmoutain. Any input would be very helpful as pros and cons for either thank You

I say play whatever you want, now if you’re going by racials then I’d have to say personally Tauren. Because 1. they’re resistant to nature damage 2. increased effect from critical strikes. And they have increased stamina too. But HM is also good because they have increased VERS. So, it’s up to you.

Always hard to choose. Tauren technically have better racials, but the highmountain racials aren’t bad at all.

I went with highmountain because I love the moose travel form.

Yeah I prob would pick Tauren but I hate How there moonkin form looks. I think High mountain have a better moonkin. Trolls idk wtf that is but I was Pissed was looking forward to them until I saw There form