Balance of Power


Why is the Nightshard drop rate so low?? Full clear of NH heroic and I only got 5.

(Autai) #2

It took me 3 weeks to get them OP. It’s just luck and I also learned that difficulty setting didn’t matter on the droprate.


Yea I read up on if difficulty mattered and the general consensus was it didn’t so I got in the first one I could which happened to be heroic.

(Autai) #4

Luckily once you get the Nightshards, you’re done with required drops chances. GL, hope you get lucky and get yours soon.


I never did that quest and I played legion for like 2 years straight lol. what a nightmare

(Wariya) #6

Come back next week :+1:


It always took me 2 weeks to complete. Still poor design but the quest is a gauntlet so they figured why not make it take longer.

(Autai) #8

The reputation is what gets me. Luckily they buffed reputation gain in Legion.