Balance in Devs for alliance and horde

I think we’d have the same issues mostly because it seems as though Blizzard struggles to find the ‘cool’ in the Alliance. If they don’t have any passion for the faction I can’t see forcing them to play it more as helping much.

TBH not being able to find the cool in the Alliance is extremely strange for a company who’s chief products used to be full of “cool heroes”.


Devs be like, “May the horde be with you”.


I think I’d be disqualified at playing the game

I can’t imagine playing a game that I helped build for any serious amount of time, no mystery anywhere

Knowing how elitist Blizzard is and how elitist the Horde are, I just can’t see it happening. The corruption and blatant bias runs so deep that the Alliance ever getting some fairness in the game is just impossible at this point. They would need to purge so many Horde lovers from the company!

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Fair point about forcing them to play alliance. I just think more balance on their end would help the players to get past the hatred for each other’s faction.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad.

Excuse me


Force them to play Alliance.

THis has to be a troll thread because no one in their right mind would actually say someone should be forced to do anything and mean it.

Jobs force their employees to do their job requirement everyday; it’s called a job description. Either do X as your job requirement, or you can not work here. Fair enough.

Or let me be more clear: if you play one faction of a game you create stuff for, and it’s a dual faction based game, the employee requires you also to be familiar and play the other faction for balance. Seems fair to me.

Why should it not be a job requirement for Devs who create stuff for a faction they won’t play?

Edit: for clarity

I would rather like to know if we have had a warlock class dev since MoP first…

Dear Blizz,

Please punish profoundly dumb posts like the OP’s with in-game suspensions.

Thank you.


Says the horde player. Ran any raids with your dev buddies maining horde?

This sure is an interesting thread.

they can’t even balance classes, what makes you think they care about factions

This is an interesting Idea. I shall hop on my bee mount and ruminate about it for a while.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

Also: in Soviet Russia, Blizz Devs plays YOU!
(Director included)

Cool. I will switching between my 160 alliance horses.

I think they understand their problem, that’s why they made Reaper in Overwatch, so they can get all their “edge” out in a game, and actually concentrate on making heroes…heroic.

Kid, if I had dev buddies this game would have already had full solo Mythics and an FF14 crossover.


Alliance already has the better racial traits and the zones.

And the cities as well.

We don’t need nothing.

I don’t want all the try-hards and carry-beggars coming back to Alliance. Yeah the best players play Horde, everyone knows that. What they overlook is the worst players also play Horde and beg/follow them mindlessly.