Balance Druid - Why even play it?

Its pathetic and laughable how bad balance is right now. Im atruggling to keep up with tanks and healer dps… my starsurge is hitting as hard as it did in peak shadoelands… and i have over 100 more ilvls…

The dots dont last long at all, and eclipse doesnt work when were a dot class now? Whoever was in charge of druid needs fired imo.


You guys are making me want to run a key and see what’s up. I can understand the ramp being annoying. I feel like I have a lot to press for my burst even in arena.

Are we honestly THAT bad? Give me a rundown gents. What overall dps or burst dps numbers are you guys seeing? I only have 340 ilvl (honor gear) so it’s not wonderful for pve but…

As I mentioned earlier, I think the damage is fine. A little lower than some out performers but not bad. Keys aren’t out right now. Some people may not have decent dps in lower keys because they’re competing with classes with insane burst right now (evoker, dh, ww monk, etc.) and mobs die before they can even dot things.

The problem is they made the spec overly complicated and unfun to play. Keystone talents are underwhelming, stellar flare is pretty much required to get twin moons and celestial allignment because trees and Stellar innervation is bad and should be revisited. you could go through solar beam but it’s a significant dps loss.

It’s turned into an unfun dot class to play. Don’t get me wrong, my burst with CDs is really nice but the overall gameplay is very underwhelming. Kudos to you making it work in PVP. I can see it being okay in organized PVP. I don’t know if it’s the curse of alliance bgs as everyone talks about but I was being instantly killed by tanks and hitting them for 10k starsurges outside of cds.

I’ll have to get some pve experience and see what’s up. Lower keys definitely always favor bursty classes so I’m not surprised. Time will tell I suppose.

Yeah, PVE and PVP two different monsters. Personally I’m not too concerned about the damage. Tuning will fix that. I’m more concerned with the design of the class and the talents.

  • Move/adjust some talents
  • adjust keystone talents to make them relevant
  • revert the mastery to the way it used to be
  • make solar beam baseline or very easy to pick up.

These would be a good start but doesn’t deal with everything.

Well hang on now. This mastery gives us way more astral modifiers. Simply reverting it would need substantial changes to baseline dmg. I just wanna throw that out there.

I switched to guardian druid spec mid-run and was pulling higher dps overall. Thats how bad.

mastery is an absolute mess right now. its actually more impactful to moonfire and sunfire with mastery rather then manage eclipses lol.

Right now in pvp my 2 dots give me about 50% astral damage ( 25 a piece from mastery) and eclipse gives me 15 flat or 30 when in celestial alignment. And im not even stacking mastery I can see it getting even more unbalanced when i min max it

I mean rage of the sleeper seems pretty busted even in pvp but something tells me that’s just a practice issue.

Yeah man the priority changed basically. Make sure they are dotted. Then get into an eclipse, then drop surges. I’m cranking like 30-35k builders, 40-50k surges and 100+k moons at best. It’s nutty.

I’m only 10 ilvl above you and not close to gettting 50k surges and 100k moons anywhere in the game.

Everything is in a place for us to be a bit below average so I’m sure Blizzard will do some tuning. I think Blizzard likes to cycle through class specs on what will be good or even meta for an xpac. The problem is the Boomkin aren’t a simple switch between “arcane, fire, frost…” Boomkin are a species unto themselves. Blizz needs to realize this and tune us accordingly.


what build you running? i was thinking about trying a hard casting build the multi dot one is too slow for pve atm

It’s dot dot 2 wrath. You will NEVER enter solar eclipse. Two unempowered starfires take a literal year to cast and deal no damage, but beyond that, we don’t care about the damage of unempowered fillers. All we care about is getting into eclipse to proc BOAT, Solstice, Sundered Firmament, etc., and the fastest way to do that is to cast two wraths.


Yes! Ok cool, I figured I was doing something wrong… Stuff is dying fast(ish) but it was painfully annoying.

It’s not intuitive, but it’s the way it is right now. The only time you actually cast wrath for damage is on a single target inside CA/Inc. Otherwise, you’re casting 2 wraths to enter lunar, and filling with starfires.

Well, in pvp I’m 411 ilvl. That likely has something to do with it. I don’t know if I buy that blizz intentionally overtunes some specs for the sake of meta. Perhaps they’re just waiting for a little more data. No one is even close to end tier gear yet so, it’s all tbd.

I’d imagine it’s fairly basic. I do mean umbral procs when I mention the builders. I’m not free casting constant 35k builders or anything. Again I hope people know this is coming from a skirmish/bg perspective.

I really wish that I picked something else to main. It’s just so tedious to play.


I think I officially gave up today and went Evoker… Sad too because I put so much work into my Druid and love the class theme.

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I just wanted to chime in to the post and confirm that I am feeling the same thing everyone else is. Having played or at least tried boomkin every expac this is the most clunky it has ever felt for PVE. You just have to do too much stuff to even do moderate dps. Either somethings (star fall) need to cost less astral power or cast times need to be vastly reduced.

Also, stellar flare shouldn’t have a cast time or like I saw someone else suggest should be automatically applied after you apply both moonfare and sunfire.

edit: Moonfare and sunfire should also last a lot longer or do a lot more damage to make up for the amount of refreshing we have to do per battle.


I don’t understand what they were trying to do with Balance. It’s very busy they either need to buff the damage of our Dots or extend the time on them. I feel like all I’m ever doing is refreshing my Dots

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I tried balance for a couple months now and just went guardian because I was dying constantly on 70-71 elites for dailies. I was struggling to kill a single one with balance, but could pull 2 at a time with guardian no problem. Fights were easy and they dropped like flies. Not sure why I even bothered with balance to be honest.