Balance Druid Nerfs

The yet again nerf to the best pvp legendary for balance druids, the balance of all things, combined with the solstice nerf has officially killed balance druid pvp viability in 9.1. Congratulations are in order for all the cry baby whiners that don’t know how to stop convoke.

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Even with nerfs, you’ll be able to get back to that 1600cr~ on your druid no problem next patch.


they will still be god tier in RBGs so bad players still have an easy avenue to gear for pvp


Good balance druids are a plague


Bad take for a bad player. BOAT will be fine, but Kyrian dreambinder is better anyways. Shooting Stars is nothing but useless pad, and you should be playing Fury of Elune even if you are Night Fae in both arena and rbg.


They have a 1 minute cooldown Convoke legendary on PtR which casts half of normal Convoke, it is more consistent Convokes with less spells.

It will make a good team with Skyfury totem. Balance will still be king of RBG casters and 2400 viable easily.

What do you complain about here I wonder.


This is a trash legendary.


Yeap it’s garbage.

I hate Kyrian and I wouldn’t switch anyway because renown farming sucks and I do play fury of elune most games.

Boomkin will be fine after these nerfs. They’re mainly PVE nerfs and the legendary is just offering less burst for more sustained crit. It will last 8 seconds now instead of 4.

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Let me tell you a story from a 1500 mmr match on my Affli alt yesterday.

I play with an unexperienced PvE player as healer. We played against Balance-Affli team, I killed enemy affli. Since druid is immune to my perma slow he ran around for a while then my healer was chasing him, I was about to say “He will convoke, stay near me” because Druid was out of interrupt range…then I saw Incarnation+Convoke cast, interrupted it at half cast, boom my healer died. So that means mini convoke legendary with less cd is completely useful, half cast is enough to kill people.

Then the druid ran around pillars until next convoke, I baited him by wasting my interrupt intentionally so that he would think “Muhahaha, next Convoke I win, dumb warlock”, I reflected the convoke to his face, he killed himself…

That is the story.

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No worse than death knights who get carries by arms warriors and holy paladins in 3v3.

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Damm you right. That’s almost worse than 1400 bm hunters


These are definitely pvp related nerfs because of all the people whining about being 1 shot by convoke because they are to dumb to prevent it.

Nice burn look at my armory I’ve been 60 for 2 weeks on this hunter and have fought nothing but people being carried like you🤣


Well u burnin me over nothin so fairs fair :rage:

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Great, it’s a terrible story. Convoke by itself is a terrible spell.


You’re too dumb to use the correct form of ‘too’.

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I didn’t know this was English class :rofl: I’m not proof reading everything I write.

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Yeah well you spelled dog wrong so