Balance druid "chip damage"

Alright, This whole dot style damage type needs to be looked at. Yes, we can do damage. No it does not amount to finishing the job. We NEED a hard hitting ability.

Historically, Balance druid was known for bid damaging abilities. I don’t know maybe that’s why they started calling us “BOOMkins”.

As of right now, we are ticklekins. Maybe enough dots will finally make someone laugh to death.

Please bring back hard hitting starsurges.


Are you 70? What are you hitting for? I feel like we pump :man_shrugging:t2:. But I’m only 67 at the moment.

I’m 70. 14k-16k is what I’m hitting for with SS. most people have 315k hp and above currently. Crits are my only saving grace right now. Meanwhile, ele shamans proc all of their lava and nearly one shot or lightning bolt for 100k, DH can train you to the ground or one shot while healing to full from 10% hp. Locks still out heal healers while rotting/throwing their demon pokemon at you. Shadow priests went from C tier to S with their kit and buffs.


I’ll note this for when I’m 70 with full honor gear. I’ll give you my impressions.

We can also talk about how i was just hit with a 104k arcane blast or the 80k lightning bolt…

are you using your rank 1 spells again … =p

gotta say the dot profile we have has me regretting going boomkin already. I spend so much time managing dots while doing 1/2 as much dps as rogue/demo.


Yea I’m not 70 yet (so probably should reserve judgement) but have been trying to get some bgs in. Definitely just getting mowed down easily by some other classes and Starsurge definitely feels like Startrickle at the moment. Especially considering how few you can get off with its cost.

Wait until you get gear guys.

I just hit 70 and it’s progressively worse because we lose so many secondary stats and all that but I think we’ll end up okay. Remember too that blizz intentionally made everyone have way more health so % wise you won’t do as much as slands. Which is a good thing in my opinion.

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Flapz, Also remember this.

Yes when you get gear, you hit harder. This is true. BUT, the people you are fighting are also gearing up meaning their hp is much higher and they are also hitting a lot harder. Its marginally better at best.


I’d like you to remember that these claims of poor hitting and stuff could also be from a fresh 70 against a geared one. The difference is literally like 100ilvl.

It’s not “marginally” better at best.

Lol wait until 70 and get out-dpsed by healers.


It’s the scaling. Wait until you get to 70 and you have sub 10% haste. I feel like I spend more time reapplying dots than actually dealing damage. Stellar flare feels absolutely terrible too. Whoever thought having a hardcasted dot when we already have two other short duration dots and starfall to manage was a good idea is crazy.

By the time dots are rolling every other class with instant on demand burst has already nuked everything out of existence in 2-3 globals and I haven’t even started my ramp rotation.


its almost like hard casted corruption from literally vanilla wow that everyone knew was a problem and awful to play with. if only they applied 20 years of knowledge to stellar flare lol

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I’m actually 70 with full BiS honor gear now and I absolutely CRANK in skirms, against other full geared players. I’ve hit 107k moons, and I’ve hit like 30-40m wraths. So as I said, I see no issues. Not yet.

That’s not a problem with the class though, that’s something that happens every expansion and is part of leveling. I have 25% or so haste in pvp right now.

Is primarily a ST option. It’s not worth in AoE.

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Flapz, would you mind commenting on solar vs lunar eclipse for pvp? I’ve been sticking with lunar, trying to pump starfires for the bonus crit, using astral smolder to keep waning twilight going.
I see you’ve skipped waning twilight entirely (at least in your primary talents), and I gotta say not having to worry about that sounds really nice. Are you using your AP more for starfall or starsurge, or is it entirely situational? Thanks

Sure thing. So in pvp you don’t really have the luxury of always picking your eclipse. If I did have the option to free cast with literally no pressure, I’d go into solar eclipse just because wrath is quicker to spam and does more ST dps. If I’m being pressured or otherwise taking damage, I prioritize lunar so that when umbral embrace procs I can get instants off easily from owlkin adept.

I don’t use waning twilight or smolder for pvp.

I have multiple builds but for arena, my primary focus, I won’t really press starfall at all.

I don’t use twilight because I don’t know what to give up for it and it requires a third dot which is the real problem. Stellar flare in arena is not ideal, smolder isn’t very high damage at all and only benefits from adding a dot which only matters for twilight. Just too many points to allocate. Mushrooms can apply a dot too but I only take that for my starfall build. Ultimately I just don’t want to give up the other stuff.


I appreciate it. I was surprised to see Denizen of the Dream + Friend of the Fae. I spent some time pumping into the target dummy and it seemed like it was up less than not (although sometimes I had as many as 4 dragons up, RNG). I really want to like those talents; maybe we’ll see a slight buff to the damage the dragons do (or make the FoF buff stack?).

I just like talents like that. Plus it has some niche utility. So first off, while the buff doesn’t stack I don’t believe, it does essentially buff all astral by 8% and nature/arcane by 4%. Twilight is 8% flat but only when 3 dots are simultaneously up which for me is never.

Plus the dragons do like 5% of my damage which admittedly isn’t huge but they are on the field and… as I type this I don’t know if they’re targetable? If they are, I quite enjoy having things to eat up stuff like chill streak.

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I wish stellar flare was instant cast