Bad Luck Protection

I’d really like to see the return of a coin or some other version of it for bad luck protection. Evokers got it with the legendary, meanwhile I’ve got 19 heroic rashok kills down with 18 full vaults and still no polearm. I’m frustrated. Maybe after CE is all handed out each tier, the coin system could come back for the rest of the season?

I’m at a place now where my guild is only doing the skip for the rest of s2 so I’ve got to pug. Actually saw the polearm drop last night. Lost it to a marks hunter. Feels bad, man. Meanwhile my vault is nothing but tier every week, when this is the ONE THING I need out of this raid. Yeah, its only like a ~1k dps upgrade, and yeah I could go do M+ but I’m not a big M+ person. Just frustrating to run and gear my entire guild and their alts and in some cases their alts’ alts while my main still hasn’t seen a weapon drop.

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Is it even a DPS upgrade over a 447 crafted weapon? I mean if you are only killing 2 heroic bosses each week and not doing M+ either, why do you even care?

Next season your BIS will be Borrowed Time from M+, so better get used to it.

I agree, instead of re-roll coins though I would rather just see a currency system like wotlk. I should be able to save points to buy a specific item once I have enough points. After a certain number of weeks of raiding and killing bosses I feel like rng just becomes annoying because there’s that chance that it just never drops or you never win the roll. I think rng is fine during the first maybe month of a raid launch but after that it starts to just become annoying and feels bad, it’s not like we are asking for free gear, we are killing the bosses we are just getting really bad luck.

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Guild is killing 3 a week, I’m still killing enough for a full vault. Heroic Djaruun is about 300 more dps than any crafted 447 polearm. Regardless, nobody should kill something this many times without some sort of way to improve their odds of getting something to drop eventually.