Back up your addons BEFORE launching the game!

It’s definitely hard to find. I generally try to bust out roleplay on my own when I’m around other characters and see who bites. Haha

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Good to know. I’ve yet to be hit with a wipe in a while though. Thank goodness.

Also I’m sorry… I don’t roleplay with people long term without add-ons. Some call me elitist in that. I suppose they’d be right. I just don’t prefer it, things can get confusing if people can’t see details or names like they should


I only use 2, details and mogit. Is that close enough to no add-ons?

mogit is everything

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Didn’t work for me, but fortunately it only affected the addons in my interface folder. The ones for muting annoying sounds and changing hunter gun sounds back to normal still worked fine. And come to think of it, my DBM was out of date (as usual) anyway.

Thank you for this reminder. Years ago, I wrote batch files that back-up (and restore) my saved variables, and I haven’t run the back-up in a while.

I should automate it.


I regularly back up my WTF because of issue like the OP’s.

Ohai! No problem.

This is the first time I’ve had this issue.

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How did your folder get deleted?

Wait what? What caused this? Seems like a very nonchalant thing to comment, and an equally nonchalant reply from kaivax.

Isn’t this some huge issue with the game if it’s deleting your files randomly? Was there something that actually caused this to happen to you?

The benefits of not using addons?

Dunno, Windows 1809 update deleted files randomly. Maybe it’s an up-and-coming feature of programs these days to just randomly purge files. Keeps you on your toes!

Geez well you scared the crap out of me with this, especially with how everyone’s like “Oh ya, it happens all the time.” Backing my stuff up for WOW, and now I’m backing up stuff for other games too hah!

Where is the best place to back them up?
Google drive is what I went with, but maybe there is a better option?
An external harddrive maybe too?

None here either. Just to much of a pain to maintain.

I use onedrive and have a junction ( mklink /j “%UserProfile%\OneDrive\Example Folder” “F:\Example Folder” ) that way my wtf folder stays updated.

External backup drive where possible. Either via enclosure or a bare drive you keep in a secure location that can be put into a drive dock for temporary connection for backups. I use this option for both my hackintosh and my PS4 Pro. Only storing your backups online in the cloud has two disadvantages:

  1. Requires internet. If it’s out, you can’t restore. No bueno.

  2. Counts against your data cap. Twice if you have to restore during the same month you backed up.

Offline backups that are physically present are the best hedge against failures for most home PC environments.

For WoW, you can even do a multi-backup like I did when I was able to play: backup to a drive kept otherwise offline, and backup copy the WTF, Screenshots, and Interface folders to another location either on the same drive or another drive in the computer. The advantage of the local backup is that you can also easily revert to a known working addon if a new release breaks for any reason and be on your way in less than a minute.

I am going to knock on wood before I say this…knock on it a lot…but my TRP profiles have never up and erased themselves or gotten lost. I know other people, though, that have it happen regularly. I’m not sure why it does for some, doesn’t for others.

The rest of my addons whatever, it usually just takes a minute or two to set everything right, but most roleplayers live in constant dread of having to rebuild profiles from scratch.

It’s definitely possible to do without one. It’s what we used to do in the Before Times, where you just had to keep an eye out for RP Walking as a signal that someone was really a roleplayer and not just a lookie-loo. We all have stories from the old days, I think, of approaching what turned out to be strolling NPCs. But yeah, these days people without at least a RP addon installed, even if they don’t make an active profile, tend to get ignored on the assumption that they’re off-server trolls or people who like to be on RP servers because of friends or because they tend to be a little less jumping-in-a-circle-spamming-LOL-in-yell but aren’t interested in participating. Both tend to be thick underfoot.

I myself was a late-adopter of TRP that can do expansively coded multi-page profiles with embedded images, music, first-looks, etc. over MRP/XRP that had some basic one-page settings and I still think it’s kind of amusing that people think that they need all that stuff. Some of it is pretty cool, but back in my day we had to walk uphill in the snow both ways and we liked it!

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How about Blizzard automates it for everyone?


I wrote a PowerShell script that does the following:

  1. Creates a new versioned and dated folder in a folder where I store backups.
  2. Backs up /WTF and /Interface folders to this versioned folder
  3. Deletes the /cache folder
  4. Starts the Blizzard Launcher

I also have a script that allows me to revert back to any previous UI version if I do something that blows up my UI.

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Ok so I’m not the only one who got wrecked by this Tuesday…