Back to Azeroth, but where?

Cosmic Planes(having failed to impress Gamers) would go better with a Cartoon Show in my opinion.

I could do for a Ravenloft(AKA the Plane of Shadow) TV Show as well as a Feywild TV Show.

Bonus Points if they take the “Belief shapes the Planes” Rule to 4th Wall breaking Levels to the point where:

Since Asuna(friends with the Drow Player Yuuki Konno) played both Titania and an Undine and voiced by Cherami Leigh and since Cherami Leigh voices a Zombie, a Dark Ranger Banshee(a Fey Zombie by D&D Rules) abandoned by Sylvanas, an Esper with Flowers in her Hair, a Sylvari working for the Winter Queen and the Princess of Venus the beliefs of the ignorant decree:

"That the Fairy Queen Titania is thus a Psychic Undine Banshee with Flowers in her hair who is the Princess of Venus, has 3 Brothers, is friends with a Human-skinned Drow whose true Body is a sick Girl in a new body resulting from Astral Projecting while her Original Body is suffering a Terminal Illness and is working for the Winter Queen of Feywild."

Since the Winter Queen of of Ardenweald is blatantly based on Galadriel whose actor played a Russian Agent who sought all the knowledge as well as Cinderella’s Stepmother who in one adaptation sold Cinderella into slavery the beliefs of the ignorant decree:

"That the Winter Queen is Cinderella’s Stepmother who casually sells Cinderella to the nearest lackey which in all likelihood is Fairy Queen Titania."

As for Titania’s Drow Friend: Since Yuuki Konno shares an English Voice with Sailor Uranus & a Blue Haired Magical Girl with Water Powers and a Japanese Voice with Madoka Kaname who shares an English Voice with Sailor Saturn who is a Psychic Cyborg the beliefs of the ignorant decree:

"Titania’s Drow friend is the Purple-Blue-Pink Haired Princess of Saturn and Uranus suffering from AIDS using her vast Psychic Powers to bring fellow Terminal Patients into Feywild worrying about Titania getting to close to her due to her condition though upon learning the D&D Rules doesn’t hesitate to off her original Body since as far as she is concerned it’s a liability(just as how Sailor Uranus tried to off Sailor Saturn twice for her goals succeeding the second time)."

Why is Titania’s Drow Friend Astral Projecting?: Since Feywild isn’t a Virtual Reality the only Terminally Ill People that can get there are those Astral Projecting into the Astral Realm who found a Portal to create a new Body.

Since Astral Projectors in new Bodies can survive the destruction of their old Bodies if not in the Astral Realm at the time the Drow Friend logically doesn’t have to worry about keeping her old body alive…

…unless her team gets it’s new bodies killed sending them to the Astral Realm as if her Old Body dies the Tether keeping them tied to the physical realm is severed killing them(and since the Drow Friend has traits from Madoka Kaname and Sailor Saturn the poor girl breaks down crying “I can’t take it anymore!” upon seeing & realizing the consequences of her actions).

A “Belief shapes the Planes” Rule that breaks the 4th Wall has all sorts of chaos going for it just in Feywild alone.


  1. WoW needs a “breather” expansion that gives both players and people in universe time to recover from all these crises and actually rebuild/progress politically.
  2. Goblin lore could use the focus and development and you have a lot of freedom as much of it is undefined. There’s more Cartels than just Steamwheedle, Venture Co and Bilgewater. You can also bring Gnomes in as major players with their rivalry. Gnomes could use the attention too.
  3. Considering we just recently got done dealing with Kul Tiras, Zandalar and Mechagon, Kezan is right next door. We even do a dungeon there in BfA. There’s also Gallywix.
  4. The capital city can potentially span the entirety of the island, making for the largest cityscape we’ve seen in game to date. An entire district can be it’s own zone or even it’s own raid! And that’s before we get to the surface!
  5. Tinker class.

Instead of saving the world, the expansion is about Azeroth being in shambles following the war and then the whole death being borked or whatever. So naturally, part of rebuilding means rebuilding economies and getting the supplies needed to repair war ravaged communities.

So the Horde/Alliance send reps to Kezan to try and court the various Cartels. They are the preeminent traders of Azeroth, and were pretty much untouched by the war.

But, as usual, when we arrive on Kezan, they have problems of their own. They’ve made progress in reclaiming parts of Undercity and the rest of the Island since the Cataclysm, but there’s still lots to be done. Stuff thought lost that needs to be recovered. Places that have become overgrown with animals. Groups that have claimed abandoned/recently resettled sections of Undercity. I think a lot of fun can be had with the Cartels as neutral factions with their own campaigns ala the Class Order halls/Covenants.

And the overarching villain can be Gallywix, whose taken over the Venture Company and has an army of mercs and goons powered with Azerite gear. He wants to make some big giant robot with a super laser or something goofy. Remember Azerite? Yeah, we can finally make it relevant to the plot.

And in between the big stuff on Kezan, you can have quests that send you back to the major cities or other places in the old world, where they have updated dialogue to let us know what’s going on during this time. But it won’t be at the forfront. It’ll be sowing the seeds for later expansions.

Also, since everyone will be able to get to Kezan and be trained, all races can get the new Tinker class in the same way Pandaria opened Monks up for everyone.


I’ve gone on record that I think the next expansion should be on the Dragon Isles and be a big rebuilding of dragon lore. Explore the dragonflights, proto-dragons, other dragon offshoots, etc. We already have a cast of well-liked dragon NPCs that we can adventure with (Chromie, Wrathion). This would also be a good time to undo the dumb sterility plot point. Most of all, it’d be a relatively down to earth expansion after punching Death Gods in the afterlife.


Blizzard stuck a fork in Class Halls, they’re done. This is a necessary step given that players can completely bypass Legion in progressing from 10-60.

I mean, I believe canonically they still exist and the players are still a prominent figure within their respected ranks.

Also, it doesn’t mean that Blizzard couldn’t bring them back.

This could also lead away from that hard connection of Horde vs Alliance for the players and remove that faction boundary. Stormwind would still be friendly to the “alliance races” and hostile towards the “horde races.”

But the players themselves would be seen more as mercenaries or actual heroes, being able to group up with whomever.

(Thrall works with Jania all the time and the orcs still respect him as Warchief…)

Additionally, they could add in small customization “rooms” or “houses” for players to decorate, etc… but still be within your class order hall so it doesn’t feel as disconnected as Garrisons.

Think having your own mini garrison, within your "Class Order Hall"


After the opening of the Shadowlands, a lot of the Argent Dawn deflected to the Scarlet Crusade.

Due to this the Knights of the Silverhand have reclaimed Stratholme and have turned it into the paladin class hall.

Within the City of Stratholme, paladins have access to their own “house” to customize.


After the purge of Dalaran, Mages have been welcomed into the Halls of Karazhan by none other than Khadgar himself.

Find knowledge and refugee within your own Karazhan Chambers.


The Druids have moved their central base to Moonglade, with much of the world too heal, they utilize the World Trees to spread regrowth and healing.

Burrow into your own Den, and decorate your own tree.



That faction boundary didn’t go away in the Class Halls. I couldn’t talk to any players from the other faction inside them.

And despite what 4 or 5 people in this subforum may think that faction divide is still the soul of this game.

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In Legion, no it didn’t. But so much of that Horde vs Alliance doesn’t stay consistent with our characters because of the game limitations.

It could be a good way to break away from that and allow for the choice of who to party up with, to the players themselves.

Like I said, the Alliance would still be attacking the Horde, the Humans of Stormwind would still attack an Orc or Undead on sight, but that wouldn’t be our fight, unless we wanted it to be.

You are a Night Fae Night Elf, how does it feel to sit next to my Undead Sylvanas Loyalist Warlock inside Ardenweald? :slight_smile:

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I think the term Murderous Rage would be a start.

Now that you’ve brought it up, might be a time for some warmode play. :slight_smile:



A thing I’ve always wished for was making all of the ocean accessible. The space between Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor would be the ruins from the Sundering, bright like Vashj’ir, with lost mountain ranges and fossilized forests. The rest of the ocean, that surrounded the old super continent, would be an area of infinite darkness and mystery, taking decades to discover all the hidden locations and creatures.

I’ve also always been intrigued by Ethereals. They played such a large role in Burning Crusade, I want to fully explore that civilization. I really like Warlords of Draenor, seeing a world before it was destroyed, it would be interesting to go to the planets conquered by the Legion and see how those societies fell. Not to change the past, but witness history.

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Tell the next chapter, instead of jumping ahead to the next book. We don’t need a new continent, just go back and update the old.

I want the dev’s to stop steamrolling the pre-existing lore to justify new islands, continents, realms, and alternate dimensions, and to instead tell the fudging stories that focus on the characters, locations, and organizations we already know and have strong connections to.

What has happened with the Twilight Highlands since the Cataclysm? What’re the Horde up to in the Barrens after everything that’s happened? What exactly are we doing about the sword in Silithus? What’re the Draenei, Kaldorei, Forsaken, Quel’dorei/Ren’dorei, Goblins, Vulpera etc. going to do now that they’re all refugees/in dire straights?

The dev’s should be focused on telling meaningful stories that contribute to an open world, one that has a sense of being grand, ever persistent, and always evolving, instead of ramming Sylvanas and Jaina and Anduin down our throats every single expansion on a new continent that we promptly abandon.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of fantastic NPCs, heroes, villains, and stories of all tiers and calibers that have tremendous potential still to be explored.


While that might be nice, keep in mind that the cata revamp to the vanilla zones was not received that well plus it did take a lot of time to do. To the point that they didn’t even revamp all the zones, such as Silithus, Dustwallow Marsh, Arathi Highlands Alliance side. The 5-10 experience of Elwynn forest to list some examples.

Another notion is the problem of power creep. When we have killed Gods, Elemental Lords, Dragon Aspects etc, what kind of threat would a random bandit in a forest be?

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Possibly because the revamp destroyed those zones, taking away a lot of nostalgia, and we’ve done next to nothing to fix any of it. It would be nice if efforts were made to restore those zones. It makes Blizz come off as a child who makes a mess and shows no interest in cleaning up after themselves. I’ll always be on board to see Loch Modan and the Stonewrough Dam rebuilt. I may never play an elf, but I have fond memories of Dark Shore. I couldn’t help but be moved when I came across the dead NPCs I used to get quests from. I’d like our efforts, as heroes, to be visible in the game. Not the simple mopping puddles up in Stormwind and rebuilding a park either. lol

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I would also like the old quests to come back to the game, through Chromie or Zidormi. We
are missing out on so much content and lore.


I’d like to have a scenario of officially retaking gilneas. That’s my sole wish


This was because part of the revamp was extremely poorly done. Immediately after the end of the expansion, the content was scrapped and lost its meaning. But I would make a few caveats. I play Alliance, but I created an undead character to better understand the lore of this race, and when you do these quests you understand how well that job was done.

The problem with Cataclysm was devoting all the lore of some maps to Deathwing, the maps that were used to advance the lore of the races became memorable. That’s why undead quests have buzzed the forums for years.

The same can be said of the lore of the worgens, and the lore of Ashenvale and Azshara alike. So the problem isn’t a revamp, the problem is tying a revamp to a current villain. The right thing would be to do a revamp linked to the lore of the races, their advances and their mishaps.

I know people who have spent years doing the quests on these maps, the cataclysm content, however criticized it may be, has been explored. Because there was a lot of interesting stuff there. Any self-respecting Alliance loves the redridge mountains quests. Because again they are timeless quests. I think Blizzard if they have a little insight would understand that the problem isn’t a revamp, it’s just this crazy insistence that they have to go around destroying maps, filling with ruins making the map experience look like a nuclear apocalypse.

I’m thinking the moon. Azeroth does have two moons after all.

‘Holiness’? is that how your autocorrect interprets ‘Gilneas’?


Apparently :+1:


All really good points, and part of the reason I have beef with the game. What comes after completely course correcting the concept of death itself? Blizzard amped up the ‘power creep’ factor too fast, and there’s no easy way to come down from it. WoW was best when it was humble, simple, and focused on adventure, not saving the universe from the supreme and infinite bads.

As for the cata revamp, I think the reason it wasn’t as popular is because it wasn’t geared towards end game. Cata produced 5-6 new max level zones, and all those “lower level” zones were useless to folks who wanted to push progression and didn’t level alts much. I think that we should do away with leveling entirely and really just focusing on exploring and developing skills naturally, not necessarily binding abilities to levels. All zones should remain relevant to a degree.

I think it’s worth the time taken to update world (all of it), over the course of an expansion or two of course, and to make the stories in zones relevant regardless of expansion. Cata focused everything in the revamped zones on Deathwing and the Twilight’s Hammer; that became just as irrelevant after the xpac was over as the Scourge in Northrend did.

IMO: There should be a) localized stories that are timeless, and then b) expansion specific quests that can be rotated out, which would be fewer in number but highly tailored to the current story.


In this age of mortals, I wouldn’t be surprised if we turned out to be the new aspects, or The Aspect