Azshara’s Eternal Palace Updates – October 22


Earlier this week, the Mythic Hall of Fame for Azshara’s Eternal Palace reached its capacity, and guilds around the world have until the next weekly reset in each region to earn their Feat of Strength. At that time, Mythic difficulty will become available to cross-realm groups.

Along with the closure of the Hall of Fame and the Achievement, we intend to make the following tuning changes during weekly maintenance in each region:

Dungeons and Raids

  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Lady Ashvane
      • Lady Ashvane’s health reduced by 5% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Waterlogged periodic damage reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Rippling Wave damage reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Queen Azshara
      • The "Stand Together!" and "Stay!" decree combination is no longer possible in Heroic difficulty.
      • Overzealous Hulk and Tidemistress health reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Draining Azshara’s Ancient Ward now reduces its energy by an additional 5 points in all difficulties.
      • Empowering a Ward of Power now increases its energy by an additional 5 points in all difficulties.
      • Healer-specialization characters are now less likely to be targeted with decree combinations that include “March!” in all difficulties.
      • Short Circuit now drains 10% less energy from the affected Ward in all difficulties.
      • Essence of Azeroth now has an increased duration if there are fewer than 20 players in the raid in Normal and Heroic difficulties, and lasts 30 seconds (was 25) in Mythic difficulty.

As always, we’ll let you know here if we decide to make any further changes.

Thank you very much!



Elitist Jerks finally made it to Queen I see.


Actually they pull Azshara for the first time this coming Sunday :slight_smile:

fix this typo, if it is one, before I loose my mind


This is a typo, right? Because as it reads now, that’d actually INCREASE the total number of stacks required for the raid. Ward of Power = the blue ward, so empowering it is what your raid is trying to fight against.

Gotta love the thought process behind the game development LOL

What exactly are you upset about? People should be able to get Hall of Fame for the entire patch?

Any tuning planned for Za’qul on
mythic difficultly?

Would be nice to not have to sit on our hands for 20 seconds so we don’t get awful overlaps.

I don’t know if this has been handled yet, but recently during my guild’s fight against Orgozoa, we found that if timed incorrectly, raid members could have the incubation fluid debuff going into the transition, considering how the debuff is normally removed from everyone when the transition starts, I’m guessing that this is not intended.

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Push faster and you’ll get the same overlaps.

I get the Ashvane nerf, but Orgozoa is still tuned to the damage expectations of pre-nerf Ashvane. It is a major comp check for cleave damage, and it feels like my guild isn’t going to be able to make the 8th Arcing timing check. We’re about 100 wipes in, and we wipe at the same percentage almost every time. The dps check of Orgozoa will be the new wall for semi-casual guilds now that Ashvane is getting a second nerf and guilds will be stuck there for a long time. Comp checks don’t feel good, I won’t say our guild is amazing, but we have excellent players that just don’t want to switch away from the specs they love (such as me, obviously, since Fire is so crazy good on the fight). Again, I’m no hardcore player, but it feels like there’s little gear to gather for my raid team at this point.

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when will blizz ever fix the eye beam disconnect issue :thinking: still annoying mid raid i eye beam and bm DC :laughing:

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That seems a little unnecessary.


From what my guild noticed, it only happened when you hit the transition, after he finishes casting Arcing Current, because the travel time of AC, will hit after he takes off your stacks, so you’ll end up getting a stack, and possibly spreading the debuff if you’re not careful.

Not to sound like an a$$ but its more like Ashvanes 4th nerf.

Just 4 heal. Its not hard with decent healers

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What do you mean by no longer possible?You mean you either get one or the other or both have been moved to mythic difficulty?
Please clarify?