Azeroth has been infused by all 6 forces

She got infused with Void by the Old Gods
She got infused with Order by the Titans
She got infused with Life by the World Trees
She got infused with Death by Icecrown Citadel
She got infused with Chaos by Sargeras’s sword
She (probably) got infused with Light by the Hallowfall crystal


…Man’s got a point, actually.


None of this stops the cosmology from being a colossal mistake.


So Azeroth is literally Captain Planet?

Nah, she is Gaia and we are her captain planet always trying to defend her.


I forgot about Gaia. Wouldn’t that make us the Planeteers (wow, I haven’t watched that show since I was a kid).

I mean that could work. And maybe the last titan is captain planet.

(If this somehow becomes the secret plot twist of The Last Titan I will scream)

I thought it was pretty obvious they’re Captain Planet’ing this whole thing


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I am the Last Titan. It’s me. I hope you all enjoy an expansion all about me. Doing all the Alynsa things.

Enjoy the epic fishing adventures!! Marvel at the majesty of Misdirect Barrage pulls!! Wonder at the exciting new ways you can accidentally dismount in mid-flight and forget to click your goblin glider and Disengage keybinds!! And stare with glee as you hang around Orgrimmar, watching other people RP but being too intimidated to join in!!!

All while learning the deep lore* of the Last Titan, Alynsa the Mocha Elf!!

Yes friends, this shall be an expansion like no other.

*there is no lore, I just ate a world soul because someone left it next to my sandwich.


You’ve reminded me of how much I enjoy hunter mechanics. I don’t think there’s a class I’ve played this expansion that has felt so unique other than demon hunter.

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I genuinely do not like that WoW has pivoted into these six stunted categories, and all of them are vying for supremacy over a macguffin we just learned about in Legion. It ironically makes this setting feel smaller, even if it’s an attempt at “cosmology.”


It really is interesting how obvious it is that she is getting infused with all the cosmic forces, and the Pantheon is “meh” about it currently.

They were worried that if ONLY Void got in to a World Soul, and not Order, that it would doom the Universe.

Azeroth is infused with all the forces, and the Titans are currently showing absolutely ZERO concern that this Ultimate Being is about to be born.

Azeroth hasn’t been ‘infused’ with all cosmic forces she’s a syzygy of all cosmic forces. Syzygy, female–male pairings of the emanations known as Aeon (Gnosticism) emanations of an ogdoad (four male/female pairings totalling all together) an eight pointed star of the Symbol of creation.

There are six cosmic forces, those are six ogdoad. The last two are hidden.

I wonder if the sunwell not just being a mini well of eternity is having any sort of consequence.

Are we giving Azeroth a naaru iv drip?

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I don’t think they know. The only other force they’ve encountered on Azeroth was Life when Eonar planted the tree. They’d probably be very surprised if they learned about the Scourge.

And of course… the Power of Heart!

but the old gods told me it would explode.

HA! I got rid of that thing years ago. Old Gods lost that bet! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, yeah, sure - but surely almost every Titan would have been hit by several of them, right?

Like it’s not like there’s a world out there with no life, or no death, or no light, or no void, or no chaos. It would be very, very weird to suggest that Azeroth was somehow the only titanbaby in history to ever have been in contact with something other than pure order.

Unless titans do not come from world souls really, and that is all part of the giant conspiracy the pantheon has been pulling on us