Azerite Gear reforging is a sick joke


Why do we have to reforge our Azerite gear at an NPC every time we change specs, instead of it just remembering our previous spec’s choices and keeping them when we swap?

Why are we being punished and extorted for playing multiple specs/builds via Azerite gear?

There are many things I enjoy about BfA. There are also many things I dislike and have chosen to overlook. But after investing over seven months into the expac, I am really frustrated with Azerite gear.

Azerite gear was a terrible idea and horribly implemented. And it makes me tired of playing the game. Azerite reforging is like the final kick to the teeth.

In Legion, I could swap specs, and my tier pieces would swap their set bonuses to the appropriate bonuses based on the spec. I also had to carry 2 legendaries per each spec, for a total of six different legendaries on my paladin who played all specs. A small pain, to be sure; which is why Blizzard said they wanted to improve upon this, firstly by removing the Legendary system.

So where is the improvement with Azerite gear?

In BfA, I now need to have 3 different pieces of Azerite armor per spec, because reforging is both annoying and expensive (2k per one reforge is a joke!). This means I have to farm for 9 different pieces of gear that both have decent iLvl and traits on one character.

What is the reasoning for this, Blizz? Why can’t my Azerite gear can’t simply swap it’s traits to the Holy/Ret/Prot bonuses when I change specs, much like tier gear did with set bonuses?

And finally, why is tier gear not even in the game? It’s been a mainstay since day one. Over a decade it’s been in the game. Sure, people complained about the set bonuses in Legion interacting poorly with legendaries, but what’s the excuse now?

Poor interaction with traits from Azerite gear? How about just make the set bonuses of tier gear pure stat increases instead, and make Azerite Tier gear?

How hard would any of this really be?

To me, the truth of the matter is that BfA has suffered from budget cuts and it’s been felt within the development and expac managment. It just comes off that Blizzard doesn’t care at this point.

(And we all know that we don’t have unique class sets anymore because Activision-Blizzard isn’t willing to shell out the money to the art department or dev team, so we get these awful looking sets that are blanketed across all of the armor types.)

Hey Blizzard? You’ve moved backwards with Azerite gear. Turn it around.

(Dayon) #2

I’m not playing at any competitive level, so I barely reforge my gear at all. I just tend to stockpile a few pieces with Azerite Traits that I like or are good for builds I’m going for. I have a set of three Azerite pieces for each spec, prioritized by which spec I use more (Arms > Prot > Fury), generally.

The only time I need to reforge is if I replace an Arms piece. It happens once in a while, but not all that often.

If players are constantly reforging their Azerite armor, could anyone explain to a layman like me why?

(Stormherald) #3

Always just get 2 sets of azerite gear.
As a dps its pretty easy, feel sorry for the hybrids that can have more than 2.

Druids pallies monks.

(Turnberry) #4

Where do I reliably get my 3 sets of 415 Azerite?

(Dayon) #5

It’s kind of unreasonable to expect all three of your specs to be equally geared tbh.

And there’s probably not a huge ilevel difference between your three holy, ret, and prot kits.

(Stormherald) #6

Mythics, raids, pvp same place you get your main set?

(Turnberry) #7

It doesn’t drop from M+, you get residuum but it’s 3 weeks for 1 piece. So to get 9 pieces it will take 6 months.

It’s a completely random chance once a week that you can get one from PvP as Azerite doesn’t drop after a match.

Lastly for mythis raids I would be taking a piece I already have for an offspec rather than giving it to my teammate who needs the upgrade. Probably not the best look.

So again…where can I reliably get my 415 Azerite pieces?

(Wariya) #8

Yeah op i agree i am still laughing at ppl throwing gold away :rofl:


No it’s not lol

(Stormherald) #10

If you’re not doing Mythic raid content then you dont need the 415 gear if im honest.

And if you are then im sure your guild will be fine if your offspec isnt as well geared as your main spec.

(Dayon) #11

Maybe if you’re very consistent about doing the exact same mythics and either always titanforging your gear or never titanforging it, maybe. Unless you’re investing time equally into all of your specs, it’s going to be reflected in your gear.

(Turnberry) #12

My guild doesn’t care if I PvP or not. I do it for fun. My PvP mates would probably want me to have ret traits on for arena instead of Prot so I don’t tank their rating, wouldn’t you think?

My reforge cost was over 100k last week, so I basically just quit playing to get it down again. I didn’t have a second set of Azerite gear to swap to that had double outer traits. How is that a good system?

(Stormherald) #13

Well prot pallies are doing quite well in arena at the moment so im sure they wouldnt care if you could make it work.

And why dont you have a second set even if its welfare 385 its better than 100k down the drain and sooking about it.

(Turnberry) #14

Prot got nerfed to the ground 2 weeks ago in PvP. It’s garbage now.

And I had not received a full second set of Azerite gear with double outer traits as of last week. So my only option was to reforge.


I could take this thread swap out the words Azerite with “Respec cost” and it would be almost WORD FOR WORD for stuff I saw back in Wrath.

Blizzard does not understand that by not expanding talents trees they have created a defacto talent tree system with Artifact weapons and now Azerite gear.


two words - GOLD Sink equals in long run, more $$ for the greedy actibliz

(Caelin) #17

Well it is quite simple actually, they never intended you to be switching the traits all that often to begin with. What they intended is for you to have different sets for different class roles. Kind of like how in Legion we had a different artifact weapon, 2 legendary items and for some classes different rings/necklackes/trinkets.

(Argorwal) #18

Back to the days of 50g each time you changed specs!

And primary stat not changing on gear!

TBH I would prefer that. the constant swapping at a drop of the hat is very anti RPG.

But all hail convenience and ease over all. RPG aspects be damned.

(Dvis) #19

The complaint from those who actually need 415s is that it takes forever to get. That isn’t a complaint in the eyes of the design team, because they want you to keep playing. So when you ask why they have such a bad system, keep in mind for their ultimate goals, it is not a bad system.

The game is meant to be played a certain way these days, not meant to be played at the playerbase’s leisure.

(Deflux) #20

seems a really bad design considering awhile back they made it so you could get like all leather and it would switch between Agi or Int depending on your spec, then put this crap in.