Azerite gear dropping in mythic +

(Zérgling) #1

I remember at some point the devs explained why azerite gear didn’t drop in mythic +, I just can’t remember what is was exactly. I run a lot of keys in the 15 to 16 range. I am 2 keys away from keystone master.

It’s just annoying because I don’t raid since I got AOTC and pushing keys high and higher has brought some real enjoyment to my game play. So I keep hoping for azerite gear out if my weekly cache but I haven’t gotta upgrade in weeks. I still need a azerite piece for 2 traits that i want. I could just wait for enough titan dust from my weekly cache but is there a better way?

I just don’t understand why pushing high difficulty keys doesn’t reward a critical part of the expansion like azerite gear

(Kersia) #2

It was because you get risiduum from the weekly chest, which you can exchange for azerite pieces at a vendor by your transmog/reforge/token people.

If you are pushing high keys, you probably have enough for a random or targetted piece of Azerite. This was done to help with the RNG of the Azerite competing with the entire loot table of the dungeon.

(Windlnk) #3

Because there were lots of complaints back when it did drop az gear from people who either
A: didn’t get azerite gear again when they needed it
Or B: got azerite gear they didn’t need instead of useful gear for upgrades

So Blizz decided to middle of the road it and switched to giving everyone a set amount of residium in the weekly chest they could use for az gear and remove them from the chest drop tables.

(As for why they don’t drop from the dungeons themselves i have no clue.)

(Gurthäng) #4

Its because they want raid to stay relevant, if azerite dropped in dungeons ppl could just farm them, so they would have to be capped at 400 ilvl since they dont titanforge, then ppl would b itch about being capped at 400 ilvl and so on.
Also azerite dont drop from the weekly chest anymore.


or blizz could just cap the azerite armor drop chances from M+ at once per boss per week (regardless of difficulty level and similar to M0 lockouts)

but nah that makes too much sense, lets put in a convoluted time gating currency system instead to boost MAU numbers

(Gurthäng) #6

In 2 weeks you save enough for a 415 piece of azerite, its literaly free gear without effort.


yep no effort, I love going into your typical +10 or higher M+ pug and going half-afk while drooling and slamming buttons randomly because it is just like LFR

sarcasm, for those who don’t get it

(Zérgling) #8

I got the same exact chest for three token’s…I can calculate the chances of that but I will just get more angry once I learn the number

(Denona) #9

I don’t think you know what “free gear without effort” means

(Zérgling) #10

I can see that you have a very high raider IO. You’ve learned grinded and worked hard to get to that point which is a very impressive level. but other people are working to achieve similar levels of raider IO and are still working their way up the ladder. You do not have to belittle someone else’s hard work just because you’ve already achieved that. Maybe try and encourage the others to push higher and higher keys like yourself, and you’ll have a bigger pool of players to pick from when you need people.

(Gurthäng) #11

If you consider running a 30 min +10 key for a garanteed piece of gear + currency effort you need to get better my son.

(Gurthäng) #12

you can literally stomp your way thru a +10 at 400ilvl and time it by pullling one pack at a time, unless youre completely oblivious about bosses/trash mechanics.


There are enough people that don’t know how to manage affixes or play alts they aren’t familiar with that can make it challenging as well.

Otherwise, I agree 10s aren’t difficult, once you know the mechanics of the dungeon and affixes.

(Gurthäng) #14

Well then thats not the game fault is it?

(Niingdorei) #15

Honestly, M+ gearing is already too good. It does not need any improvements. If anything raid gear needs to get better. (Which Blizz agrees with)


nah I disagree

remove raiding or decrease its development time and money invested by 90%

divert those funds and developers to world content (actually dynamic interesting challenging worl content), solo content, dungeons (should get 2-3 new dungeons every 6 months minimum), pvp (I heard those guys want more battlegrounds that don’t suck), cosmetics, etc.

(Dooddat) #17

Initially they said that they didn’t want high ilvl azerite gear to drop from repeatable content so that you wouldn’t gear up too quickly, which is just an embelished way of saying we don’t have good, engaging content to keep people playing right now so we’ll make Azerite more frustrating to get than Legion Legendary gear in order to keep them playing.

They somewhat fixed it with residium, but they could have greatly improved upon it. For example, it could have been a tier’d upgrade system where you get a 385 ilvl then can upgrade it to 400, 415, etc. Oh wait that’s exactly what they’re doing with Manapearl gear. Something players have wanted for a long time. It’s too bad they aren’t going to implement that to residium gear given their approach to changes.

(Gwenchan) #18

It’s a matter of perspective. Your io clearly indicates you have the time to run thousands of high keys. And you may even have a set group to do them. Others… aren’t so fortunate with time and teammates.


The random piece lottery gets frustrating. The one chest I need I never get, and having a 1/5 chance to get it every two weeks is super annoying.

I’m not saving for 8 weeks to get the targeted piece.

If we’re not going to have it drop from Mythic plus, how about lowering the cost of the targeted pieces? How about some form of bad luck protection so it doesn’t give you the same random piece over and over again?


I wish I knew this a week ago. fml