Azerite Changes in 8.2

(Suhuy) #1

In the recent Q&A, it looks like they’re going to make significant changes to Azerite gear. Here are the bullet points from mmo-champion:

Heart of Azeroth

  • The team has plans to make the Heart of Azeroth more engaging.

  • On the story side, this was initially a B plot. It wasn’t essential like the Legion Artifact weapon was. This will change with Rise of Azshara and beyond.

  • A neck is less visible than a weapon, but the team didn’t want to use the weapon slot all expansion again.

  • The team has a lot of work to do on the Azerite system side. Deeper and more interesting.

  • There is one central flaw. On one hand, AP should be relevant and you should have goals to work towards.

  • AP in Legion gave you something to progress towards. What felt best was when you had a new gold medal talent to work towards, giving you a power boost. The desire for AP and the appeal of your artifact weapon faded after getting the gold traits.

  • The system works best when there are exciting goals to chase.

  • It feels really bad if you get a new piece of armor and the powers on it are locked.

  • All you have to look forward to is utility abilities.

  • As the team looks ahead, they want to significantly change how they are approaching the system.

  • This will be the last tier that you’ll have to unlock the powers on. Moving forward, they will probably be unlocked, giving you armor that presents choice.

  • The team will shift AP to the Heart itself, allowing you to make choices about permanent powers, potentially active abilities. More to share in the future!

My hope as to what this means:

  • All traits on the HoA, unlockable via AP similar to the Artifact tree
  • Azerite pieces themselves grant some sort of set bonus instead of having the traits on them

I think this is what a lot of people were expecting going into BFA anyway, or hoping for at least. Thoughts?

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(Bertimus) #2

This is me. I was expecting to have traits on the neck itself. Kind of like the diablo system where you have a bunch available but limited number of “points” to spend. Then additional stuff on the pieces themselves, kind of like what you got out of legion legendaries.

(Pikkarg) #3

By team B.

Thanks for Cata, WoD, BFA and all the fish in between.


Maybe they are going to bring back the old glyph system, allowing you to modify spells by unlocking them with the necklace.

(Omnipotentjc) #5

HoA talent tree would be cool imo.

Have it set up like the honor talents in legion with a lot of rows and choices for each. Each can be class specific.

For example the first row of a monks tree could be

Chi aura - players within 8 yards are healed for 5% of their hp every 4 seconds.

Telepathic infusion - increase spell damage of alies by 5% who are 20 yards or farther away.

Aura of the master - decrease cooldown recovery rate of alies within 40 yards by 5%

An example for the second row could be.

Tigers disposition - instantly reset the cooldown of your transcendence transfer 1.5 min cd.

Acrobat - increase the distance of roll by 100% 30 sec cd

Yulons bite - the cooldown of your flying serpent kick is reduced by 5 secs with a maximum of 15 secs for each player hit by flying serpent kick. Flying serpendkick can be used while moving.

A talent system like this on the HoA could possibly make BFA the greatest WoW expansion and add the flavour to classes that have been severely lacking over the course of the past few expansions.

(Galien) #6

I’m somewhat concerned that the loss of my traits won’t be replaced by something viable to keep my dps on track. If frost mages lose passive traits like packing ice and deep freeze only to have them replaced by some 30 seconds off our CDs that’s not an improvement that’s a huge dps loss I’ll have to read over the notes more but hopefully it’s an actual talent tree and not some you pick one major power and one minor power because that will just gut classes further than sticking with the old system


Wait what? I thought they were just making the chest/head/shoulders traits unlocked by default now but this is sortof sounding like theyre just getting rid of azarite traits in those slots altogether. I really hope thats not the case!

(Phatymcdaddy) #8

Azerite gear is the same, just no neck req for rings. You now ALSO have neck slots for essence traits.