[A][Windseeker]<Warborn> 8/8 Tuesday/Thursday 8-10:30 EST

Our raid team on Windseeker is looking to add some serious raiders who are looking for progression. We are currently prep’ing for AQ40 and adding skilled players. We are BWL 8/8 with just over an hour
clear time. We raid on Tues and Thurs at 8pm Server (EST), with both BWL and MC farmed on Tuesdays and ZG on Thursdays.
We post our raid logs every lockout if you would like to check ‘em out. We are also requiring logs if you are interested in joining.
Immediate needs:
-Fury Warrior-
-Any skilled player who wants to earn a spot-

-A good attitude, and a willingness to come to raid with all consumes. We do expect world buffs, but do not require flasks at this time.
-Excellent knowledge of your class and raid mechanics
-Excellent Attendance and a willingness to listen and adapt.

-We are a friendly guild with a good attitude. We are not elitist or toxic.

If you’re interested please reach out to Wylde, Shacked, Novida, or Punyhuman in game, or to @golden#9071 on discord

Still looking for 1 fury warrior!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Needs have changed! At this time we’re looking for 1 fury warrior or 1 dagger rogue

1 awesome holy paladin.

Feel free to message me with inquiries in discord: Kaeyleah#9415