[A][Westfall] <Divinity> 6/6 SW Tues / Sunday 9-12 EST Raids

6/6 SW
14/14 t6
10/10 t5 pre nerf

Warlock or Warrior
Ele / Resto Shaman

Also looking for anyone interested in joining the guild to just hangout and do dungeons or help with off night alt raids. Everyone is welcome to join.

About Us
We have been around on and off since original TBC. Back in MOP the Guild Peaked at US Top 10 with World First Dark Shaman Kill in SOO. A lot of people that were apart of that achievement have gotten back together to clear out TBC, but with out pushing for any type of records. We just want to have fun and kill bosses on a 6 hour schedule.

Tues / Sun 9-12 EST (Server)

We Use Loot Council with RCLoot Council Add on with Priority going to Loot History / Performance with History weighing heavily in order to keep gear evenly spread.

Aires - Btag: Ares#19317 / Discord: Ares#2508
Takeaseat - Btag: takeaseat#1167 / Discord: takeaseat#1413
Discord preferred :slight_smile:

bumping still looking mainly for healers + ranged dps

Is this for Classic Era only, SoM, what?
Perhaps I’m missing it in the post.
What server, etc?

Sorry, just realized it’s all the same forum

Bumping post for recruitment

10/10 down on two days

I have a rogue and prot warrior. I play both well but my rogue is my main squeeze. I didn’t see recruit for rogues tho. U guys closed on that class?

Yeah rogue unfortunately is closed for now and not looking to be open anytime soon

Bumping for visibility

Bumping for vis

Sorry 6/10 EXP, see logs below (been in England for 2 months so havent raid recently)
classic.warcraftlogs us/westfall/dinferi

Discord is: Dinferi#5985

Bumping for vis

What are you currently looking for?

Shadow priest, Rogue, Shamans and always open to any great parses

Bumping for vis

Need that shadow priest

Where are you shadow priest

Got that shadow priest, need a great mage

Still looking

Need moonkin