"Average" healer take on the issue with healing right now

Seeing a lot of discussion on the upcoming healing changes, and the issue with healers in M+ right now. Just wanted to give my 2 cents as a “average” healer who isn’t doing any kind of very high content. For reference, I typically just get to KSH (around +20 keys) and I always PUG.

1. First weeks of every season feels like a beta

I tend to follow the M+ testing threads before a patch comes out. They are almost always filled with thoughtful insight and specific issues with each dungeon. They are also almost entirely ignored by the developers, and then weeks/months/never later the exact issues in those threads are addressed.

People like Equinoxmonk go on there and type novels of detailed problems, and I don’t know how they stay motivated when they are consistently ignored.

These issues always fall onto the healer, since they revolve around people taking too much damage. It just gets so predictable, that it destroys the hype and fun of a new patch.

2. Affixes (new and old)

The accusation that affixes become healer problems is true, in my experience. I was very vocal about both Afflicted and Incorporeal being completely backwards with the modern way of healing in dungeons (click casting). The fact that these mobs are totems, and therefore require healers to bind and press spells that they don’t normally have bound to keypresses was and continues to be a mistake.

As for the other affixes, their annoyance has lessened for other roles, and either stayed the same or increased for healers. Even affixes like spiteful are incredibly annoying in PUGs, since there is a very large chance of people getting smacked or even just sitting there unaware that they are fixated.

My experience is that a week will roll around that is so un-enjoyable that I just skip it, and I realize during that break that I don’t really even like playing the game. I think this is pretty typical, and Blizzard should be concerned.

I also see people like Ellesmere make the case for no-affixes. I haven’t thought incredibly deeply about it, but I know that I’d have less miserable experiences if that were the case (for a 1 season experiment).

3. Tierset acquisition luck (being fixed)

This is not specific to healer. Going 4-5 weeks without having the tierset is demoralizing. Obviously they are actively seeking to improve this, and I’m excited to get the tier faster next season.

4. Issues with offspec viability and weapon/trinket acquisition

I like to multi-spec a lot. I think that the rarity of trinkets and (to a lesser extent) weapons needs to be addressed. It’s not very fun to want to try out Brewmaster, but need to farm higher ilvl Agi trinkets.

This is more of a multi-spec thing than a healer-specific thing, but I think it could be addressed. Changing lootspec for 3 weeks of keys, and not getting offspec trinkets is a little ridiculous. This contributed to me unsubbing, personally.

So that’s just my 2 cents. I do really think people are hitting the nail on the head when they complain that M+ pugging is abusive to healers. I don’t mean flaming, I mean that mistakes trickle down - and Blizzard designs things that will obviously contribute negatively to healer QoL.

Anyway, let me know if you feel the same way about any of these. Or even if you think I’m an idiot and all of these reasons are dumb.


does feel really bad when I want to play a bit of enhance shammy with buddies but I can’t because I need two agi one handers and agi trinkets, sorta the same way with playing druid and you can’t spec into guardian or feral for a bit without a bunch of your gear giving you zero primary stat so you suck

or even not just relegated to healers like when my warrior vault gives me one handers, utterly useless to me as a fury warrior. No, I don’t want to do single minded. It sucks. I don’t fancy talenting into a 50% or more damage increase to still do considerably less damage than the better alternative

The affix problem is multi layered because most of them are simple to solve (if you’re the right spec) and just are there to get in your way and get on your nerves. Also addons are simplifying the game and making people play worse like dragonball characters relying too much on power level scouters.

We had what felt like a nice breakthrough to blizzard when they talked about how affixes should never be more important than the pack of enemies you’re fighting only for them to put incorp and afflicted into the game. These are healer problems, or at least treated like healer problems since in a pug environment the rest of the party is gonna have blinders on just jamming away their rotation assuming you’re just gonna take care of it for them.

I also would be down to try this. Obviously the dungeons would have to be tuned in a way that compensates for the lack of extra things to click on or get out of the way for but I would be curious to see how that would go. I think they just need to try more stuff in general. M+ is virtually unchanged in the 7 years its been in the game, plus or minus a few affixes and changes to how we get loot from the vault.

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They infinitely scale.

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I know that. Thank you.

What I mean is that they’d have to be made without affixes in mind, and I’m not sure what that would look like without just pressing backspace on the affix part.

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I think the Tyrannical/Fortified thing is pretty cool. I think everyone seems to like the way the scoring depends on both.

I wouldn’t mind affixes, but just the fact that any new affix could potentially be around for 7 years isn’t great.

I know you can’t please everyone, but I think affixes should boil down to (Fort or Tyran) + seasonal affix.

I played M+ until KSH the first month of the season as resto sham. Had the same problems I always have when i dust off this spec.
-Zero externals to save individual members
-overrated/bad group CD (Spirit Link)
-Over-reliance on healers to solve affixes with long CDs compared to some other specs.

I stopped playing my resto shaman in M+, not having a direct rescue heal was way too stressful.

I think the thing that bothers me most is that they put the game together in such a way that healers are only necessary if players are making mistakes or for specific mechanics by overtuning tanks such that many groups see healers as superfluous a lot of the time, and that’s why every affix ends up our job.


I don’t disagree with this assessment: I too know the feeling of “told you so” when the beta feedback I submitted gets addressed several weeks after it’s on live servers.

However, I think it should be noted that healing at the beginning of a season is always going to be crazy. Having certain things overtuned/overlooked is frustrating to be sure, but a better response to beta testing isn’t going to change the fact that dungeon knowledge is at its lowest at the beginning of a season, which inevitably falls on the healers.

To be fair, everything that isn’t a one-shot or a hard enrage/DPS check becomes a healer problem ultimately. That’s just the nature of the role.

What timeline are you talking about here, because Spiteful and Storming both made it more annoying for melee and they are only on their second expansion. And also Grievous isn’t around this season either.

In Shadowlands, Necrotic/Spiteful was my ‘skip week.’ Agree on this point.

They removed the seasonal affix for season two, because the dungeon pools is entirely different: I think the same logic could apply for affixes in general. I think one could certainly make an argument that running a pool of eight dungeons for as season is less tedious that one 12-boss raid. And if the next season is entirely different dungeons, affixes aren’t really needed to vary the experience per se. I’m not totally sold on “no affixes,” or on having only Fort/Tyr as affixes, but I can at least see there is a reasonable argument there.


Yeah, good point.

Necro/Sanguine was mine. You need to stun/slow to drop Necrotic, but you can’t because a single Sanguine puddle will drop and full heal the pack.

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Tanks should not be the best healers in the game. Its way screwed up now.


Not healing the tank makes healing barely tolerable right now. 1 idiot off the frames is a blessing.


Yeah they tried this at the beginning of shadowlands (making tanks squishy), and it sucked.

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Not to mention that with the sheer amount of movement required in dungeons, having a tank need frequent/constant attention on top of all of the party damage would be quite unbearable.

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they’re not. i’ve never had a bdk keep me alive.

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I would much rather keep the secondary affixes and get rid of fort/tyr.

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You do every time they tank a dungeon for you. BOOM CHECKMATE!


I’ve been saying most weeks felt like healer weeks for a while now.

Something about DF healing to me just hasn’t, been fun. I guessing it’s the way that damage is non existent then bam party wide damage you’re struggling to heal.

While personally I like the downtime to chuck in a few dps spells sometimes the burst it’s just to much and comes at the worst time.

All affixes involve the healer. Some of them involve someone else but most of them do damage that you have to heal.

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Its a big difference between the tank needing to be spammed and babysat which I agree didn’t feel good. I don’t like having to sit there and heal the tank all pull every pull.

That’s different from how they have the game set up now is if the tank messes up and pulls too much or presses buttons badly there’s not a whole lot that I, alone, can do to save them as a healer. I think that’s kind of ridiculous when you don’t really have much agency in keeping them on their feet. Its all them and you’re basically just a talent point of background regen. If they’re going down, they’re going down. Blow all the cooldowns you want, you’re probably not saving them.

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