Average Dmg for m+15

What kind of damage should I be averaging for 15s? I just did a 15 ToP m+. I’m 246 ilvl PvP gear. Also ran comet storm+icenova. I heard glacial fragments was better. By how much though? What are glacial fragment mages averaging for 15s?

The group did
Me 13.8M 6.6k
DH 12.2M 5.9k
boomkin 6.85M - 3.3k
tank - 6.15M 2.9k
healer 1.97M 941 dps

Do not use comet storm or ice nova!

Use lonely winter, freezing rain/splitting ice. I don’t know about glacial fragments, but most people I’ve heard talk about says it’s just padding. Other than that Freezing winds is the go to.

As for how much dps you should at least depending on the group and the tank AT LEAST be around 10k… minimum. If all goes well then over that.

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The one thing you got right is to not use CS or IN. You never take Freezing Rain especially with Icebringer because the split lance also procs fragments. Also 10k is pretty solid dps for 21s or 22s, 6-7k is totally acceptable for 15s.

OP should be running Freezing Winds, it out classes Glacial Fragments in pretty much every way unless you’re consistently doing massive pulls on a high fortified keys. Without Freezing Winds your priority damage (boss, mini boss, Torment) will be garbage and Veins uptime will be as well.

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I am only doing low keys (i.e.: 12-13) and I do much better with GF then FW,

I’ve seen Icelandia use freezing rain with no issues at these key level (15-20).

It’s perfectly fine.

A boomkin doing 3.3k makes me die a little on the inside. :ghost:


I don’t know who that is but I’m betting it’s because their individual and group skill level far exceed the key level and they are doing huge pulls. Of course there are niche situation where usually worthless talents are going to be taken but for the vast majority of content and players they are never going to be optimal.

Nope. Just pugs.

Got any clips?

On twitch. Greenlandia.

Bad idea

Not necessarily, especially not in ToP.

Your highest numbers will probably come in dungeons like Mists or HoA, possibly even SD if you’re good at LoS-ing curses. The dungeons with the lowest overall would be something like ToP or SoA. But affixes and routes play a big part in overall DPS. For example, this week it’s very to get insanely high overalls by padding on Spitefuls.