<Average At Best> Tue & wed 8pm-11pm EST

Why be great when you could be average!

Raid Days & Times: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8pm -11pm EASTERN TIME (SERVER)

About the guild:
We are a group of dedicated players that strive to do our best with each raid tier. We are currently 10/10H + 3/10 Mythic looking to add some more players to bolster our roster. Many of our guild members enjoy partaking in M+ on our off nights to help supplement gearing.

What we look for in recruits:
A positive attitude and an understanding that sometimes things outside gaming are more important. We also look for raiders that show up to raid prepared with an understanding of boss fights as well as having their consumables. A few add-ons that we ask our members to have are DBM/Big wigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, and Weakauras.

Current needs: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/thrall/Average+At+Best

We would love to answer any of your questions on BNET!

Sleger - slegEr#1552
Inoke - byrongooslin#1392
Rayocell - duraz0rz#1930 (Healing Officer)
Riddle - Riddle#1142
Cerrigan - Kerza#11257

Come be subpar with us!

Subpar is best par!

Bump! Still looking for a few average healers and ranged to round out our roster, especially mages and disc priests!

loooooking for raiders :slight_smile:

247 havoc DH looking for Raiding guild :slight_smile: i also have a 243 Blood/frost/Unholy DK on thrall i run alot of keys i have Seen and killed 10/10h 3/10M …

2400 io this season

I play 20-30 hours week i tend to get 70-80% parses im not world class but im not trash.

Hit me up discord Scotty772#1732 for more info