Avatar/character missing

Two of my characters that I regularly post with on the forums are not in the list to select anymore.

Not sure what has happened. Or what I did to have them removed.

I have logged off and on. Refreshed cookies, etc. All but two on this account.

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Have you logged in to the characters in-game since they disappeared from the forum list?

That would be my question as well. Usually the act of logging into/out of the character will refresh the profile.

If the issue persists, make sure to post in the Website Bug Report forum. Be sure to list which characters are missing so that our web team can take a look.

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my friend’s server drak’thul was deleted/merged and we are now looking for his missing 120 monk. Any ideas on where to look?

No servers were deleted or merged. They were connected together. Have your friend sort their list of servers alphabetically and the server should show up. Their character should still be there.


ty ill relay the message

I will try logging in later tonight.

I was playing on the PTR then switched to Classic for awhile. I kept the forum tab open. I logged off to eat dinner and came back to check on my phone and they’re gone.

I have logged in for the first time today, and the realm I play on everyday (Maiev) is not shown, and my main character’s profile has the “Error 404”! What is going on?? Did I get hacked? I changed my password so I have my doubts on that. Please help…

Follow the same steps I mentioned above and sort your server list alphabetically and your server should show up :wink:

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Alright, that worked haha. That was weird. Thanks!

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It’s a result of the server connections that they did recently. Glad it showed up for you!


I’m not in any hurry, but is the profile supposed to reset within the time-frame of logging in and out?

Maybe it needs an hour to reset or something, but I’ve logged into my character, warped to my garrison, logged out, logged back and doing minor quests.

Should I wait to post this in bug forum in an hour?

Have you tried resetting your password? That also works occasionally.

It is usually the act of logging out that updates the information though it can take up to a week for a character profile to update. If it lasts more than week, usually after Tuesday maintenance, I would make a post.

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Ok, guess I’ll be visiting the forums on this toon until Tuesday. Never had this happen before.

Might as well. I’ll update that.

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