Available PvP titles due to starting at 0 rating

Go click on a thread about the Oceanic servers. You haven’t seen nothin yet

I don’t get the logic in keeping the vanilla system in tact, which is quite possibly the worst progression system in all of video game history… then deciding to screw up the tbc one which was just fine. It almost feels like someone at Blizzard is purposely making bad decisions.


Dramatically changing what teams count towards gladiator a week out from the end of the season with 0 communication is just terrible blizzard. If the new changes are permanent then there’s an unfortunate just deal with it situation, but no one knows if this is an actual change or a random mistake.
Please respond quickly as teams are making their title push during the final days of the first season.

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If the changes you’re making are to a time sensitive area of the game, like the current pvp season, then communicate those changes in a timely matter, please.


It appears the cutoffs were fixed with the patch, or at least the rating requirement was reduced to ~500 rating or so. The 5s leaderboard stops at 572, and only 5 spots are eligible for rank one. I find it hard to believe there aren’t 1000 teams below 572, but who knows.

Yes. We evaluated our criteria for which teams should be considered active teams when counting the total number of teams participating in the season, and decided it was too restrictive.

We’ve updated the criteria to include more teams in the total count, but the percentages of those teams that are given the rewards are kept the same. Our new criteria still does not count all teams. It includes only teams that were active participants in the season.


Certainly hope it includes a lot more.

You can be Duelist* and not even have shoulders right now.
You can be Rival and not even be eligible for a weapon.

Kinda obsurd, you’re really hurting pvp participation in a huge way. I feel like you’re arbitrarily choosing the cutoff based on what number sounds right, but when the vast majority of players cant even reach weapon rating, there really is no point for some players to grind.


Any thoughts on removing the rating requirements that weren’t put in place until season 3 originally and make no sense when starting at 0 rating?


K so instead of a vague post why don’t you just tell people what the criteria actually is?

How has blizzard not learned how to communicate effectively after 15 years of an MMO being out hahah


Ok so don’t leave us in suspense; what are the criteria’s?


The current Arena pool size is already much smaller compared to the original TBC, please don’t make the criteria too strict as it hurts the whole PVP community.

These are supposed to be extremely prestigious titles. I understand the desire to widen the criteria, but you also don’t want 1/4th of your server running around with Gladiator titles.

IMO the criteria is fair. Minor adjustments wouldnt be the end of the world, but it’s also great how competitive the rank 1 title will be.

Half of the server isn’t going to get glad if they make the player criteria different lol, even if the player pop doubled there would still only be 140 teams getting glad in 3s. there were more than 70 on some singular bgs back in the day. I think people are vastly overestimating the potential pool inflation by people getting counted towards titles easier, it’s not like vanilla ranking where one account could add 10 spots to the ranking pool. Very few people even have more than one character in tbcc. and you need to be atleast level 70 to make an arena team.

Literally by design it will be 1%, thats how this works. You would never have 1/4 of your server, regardless of the criteria they are changing.

It’s so absurd and frustrating, like what the hell?

Everyone has the alts, no one has the time to designate any real focus to them when all the core systems being timegated and outright broken. Went from expecting to bg a ton on two characters planning to farm and respec a lot on the warrior, to pure pve spec raidlogging on the rogue and badge spamming prot with no bgs because they aren’t worth our time anyway. Have had a 2v2 charter in my bags on the rogue since they were released, sitting on 69k honor with no concerns left to give. Me ignoring honor as a currency and a component of the game shouldn’t be the thing that allows me to enjoy pvp from time to time. Every change made to arena was designed to keep people out of the content, same as all pvp changes since TBC prepatch. Arena title distribution is just a reflection of even serious contenders having to acknowledge its not viable to have alts at this point despite TBC being built HEAVILY around shifting away from one single character to a stable of alts in development.

They don’t have to tell you.

Your new MMR system is still absurd when Challenger is sub 1500. That makes 0 sense compared to how it would have been in TBC even in the later seasons when there were rating requirements. I guarantee Challenger back then was 1650 or 1700, which puts getting a weapon at top 15% or something (1850). Right now a weapon is higher than top 10%…it’s more like top 5% probably.


Can you tell us what the criteria is please and can you please tell us if this change was reflected on the new board that shows the cutoffs?


I don’t believe that. You guys can’t be evaluating anything. You’re just shooting feces at the wall and you’re happy when it sticks.

The fact that you try to say you’ve thought out the problem that you’ve created actually makes all of this worse, not better.