Available PvP titles due to starting at 0 rating

According to Blizzard’s Public API, only teams above 1500 are being counted towards “top 0.5% top 0.1%” calculations. You can query it yourself here.

These websites show the ladder and the cutoff for easier viewing

In real TBC and in WotLK, any team with 10 games played counted.
For some reason they’ve cooked up something custom.

Now, I’m all for tighter competition - but… some of Blizzard’s own tournament winners don’t even make the cutoff for R1 because of this. Heck some don’t even make the cutoff for Glad. And those guys have lots of alts and lots of teams taking up slots.

Idk, doesn’t seem accurate to the game or fair in the era of streamer alts


There’s only enough slots for 25 people to get gladiator title, worldwide

it’s really bad. It’s basically like r14 grind on a small pop server, but you dont have the bots boosting pools anymore.


I’m curious what the median rating is, if I had to guess I’d say around 1250-1350

And R1 titles are gonna be like 2600 lol


Anyone shocked by the incompetence anymore?


God they have mangled the arena ladder. All they had to do was use the original system…


I remember back in TBC just in the 3v3 bracket alone about the top 30 teams would be in contention for a Gladiator title in a battlegroup. 2v2 was a bit more and 5v5 really depended on the battlegroup. 5v5 would range from a low as 3 or 4 teams to as high as 9 or 10.


what ? theres more than 100 glad team in 2s in NA, counting the r1 as of right now

This 10chars


Yes, this has such a massive effect on the game for a completely unnanounced change. Hopefully they say something as the season could end as soon as 3 weeks.

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The tight squeeze of slots really just isn’t fair. Many of those top teams are inactive and got there when no one had gladiator gear. Then the other side of the coin are guys like Cdew who have multiple characters and multiple teams taking up slots. I think I’m a decent player but sure, I’m not as good as guys like Cdew.

The whole point of Glad vs R1 is to show who’s good and who’s great. This tight squeeze… you really have to be great to make the cut, especially in 3v3

Is playing 3v3 even worth it? Top 25 in all of North America for basic Glad? Sheesh!

Please fix, Blizzard…


I don’t disagree with any comment in this thread. But I also wonder how many people here were the same sweaty arenalords who, three months ago, were saying “gitgud” and that a 0 arena rating start and rating-gating S1 gear would weed out trashy casuals? If the shoe doesn’t fit, I’m not talking about you.


Well put the work in? I don’t see why you shouldn’t start at 0. If you enjoy arena, earn the titles.

I think you missed the point of my comment. The OP’s original complaint (which seems to resonate with the thread’s responders) was that the tree is too limiting on numbers who will be awarded titles. The root of that problem is TBC classic’s relative lack of casual participation. Incentivize participation for more casual pvpers and your arena pool will support more players in the top end.


Yeah the whole start at 0 was a sh!t show to begin with that prevented casuals from making new teams to add to the pool size. But if what the OP said is right and teams below 1500 also don’t count toward the arena pool size for gladiator that is a massive oversight and bug. This season has been an actual clown show and it’s making arenas less fun in general.


The whole thing they did with MMR feels really bad. You can have a 90% w/l and end up losing points or staying even just because you have a guy on the team whose like a couple hundred PR behind. Takes super long to catch up and MMR screws with point gains for a very long time.

The S3/4 system was so polished and worked so well. Cramming all these new variables in seems irresponsible. It’s done a lot of damage to the ladder and people’s motivation to play.

The only “failure” of the old system was that starting a new team would allow you to steamroll worse players for a little bit, but I’m not really sure that’s a huge problem… you’re not going to constantly remake the team when there’s a gold barrier if you don’t have to, and if you DO that you’re not gonna have awesome point gains either way.

If anything just put a limit on how many times you can buy a new team per week.


So, branch out and give more titles out? That would devalue the title… and it sounds like people wanna see participation trophies for casuals playing? I am for changes and what not… but no on this… PVP titles should mean something, giving them out more and more belittles those titles.

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You really didn’t read this thread, did you? We’re not talking about participation trophies. We’re talking about titles being unobtainium even for the best players.


original TBC gave out more titles than will be given out now


That’s why PVP is better now… maybe a bit too much damage. But, it’s far better than it was then… at least imho.

People are assuming this is just an issue with the websites giving the info for cutoffs not having all the teams in their equations. Hopefully when/if blizzard ever adds their leaderboards you will see all titles drop by like 150-200 rating as it begins to include the other 65% of teams not currently being tracked. But only time will tell and without official leaderboards it’s anyone’s guess for now.