Available for Pre-Order: Wield the Power of Frostmourne

How much is it in game gold? LOL

How about making it a transmog ingame for $25?

* Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Sounds like NFT…

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Yeah, i hope they do that. So in a few months i can get it for free with my Amazon Prime account.

If it ain’t made of literal Middle Earth mithril it ain’t worth $1,500.00.


I wish I had 2k laying around.

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$1500?! Is it forged by Albion? :clown_face:


Wield the Power of Frostwhale, slayer of your mom’s credit card


Wait, the wall mount is extra? No way! LOL It is! This has gone beyond disgusting and reached laughable levels. :rofl: Diablo Immortal monetization of a real world item.


With the amount of times I’ve read posters here stating they can barely pay their subs or have to pay with in game gold I HIGHLY doubt there will be anyone here plucking that much money down for this. Even the whales are going to choke on that price.

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Butttt I can go to any convention and get one 120-150$. What makes this one anymore special than those? I could get blades of azzinoth and ashbringer too!

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Exactly my thoughts :rofl: This is like the statues. I have multiple of them and they sold for 350-400$. They redid the site for store and they are all marked up to 600$. They are just squeezing people for money. The blatant and massive mark up of statue prices and now the 1500$ sword, THAT DOESN’T EVEN INCLUDE WALL MOUNT?!?!?! This is insanity!

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Well, Woltk is their last opportunity to squeeze money out of the Classic crowd and blizzard seems intent on milking everything.

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No way do I want that…thing maybe if it was a Legion artifact like Titanstrike but that is just another

I also like how the copy says it’s “one of a kind.”

It’s made for the general public. Any knob that wants one can get it, as long as they have the money. There’s nothing “one of a kind” about it.

It’s “one of a kind” … as long as you’re not in a room with some other twit that bought one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ever heard of you are unique just like everyone else?

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I looked up the sword’s cost earlier. An I just laughed at It.
There’s not a chance In hell alot of people will by a flipping hunk of metal made in china for $1,500.00.

That’s just down right scumbaggish just looking at it.

Dear god, blizz you become your own worst monster. I don’t need a Lich King. I just gotta look In the mirror and see you.

Except that claim is accurate. I am unique. So is everyone else.

This sword… comes out of a mold. There’s nothing unique about it. lol

Some lawyer might want to parse certain elements of it that make it literally unique (a stitch here or there), but anything that gets pushed out of a mold … isn’t unique.

That claim is always a bit confusing. Some people interpret it like you did while others interpret it as no one is special since everyone is special. Kinda like how some people cry that if everyone has a cool mount, it is no longer cool.

Anyway, for $1500, this sword better suck the soul out of anything that you stab with it.

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