AV Premades: Quit Hesitating

AV horde premades vs AV alliance premades, I love it.

The starting with 30 does suck though.

What kind of queues do allies have?

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It’s been 24mins so far.

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ya I wouldnt mind if they just let people make groups, but they’d atleast have to code it to prefer prem vs prem again.

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At this point, I wouldn’t rely on Blizzard to fix problems in a timely manner. Just get in, get your rep, and get out before the real sh*t show begins.

Yes, I wouldn’t have a problem with this, like they did for TBCC.

I did a bunch of AV in P6 and there were a lot of ally premades vs horde pugs, and I always wanted to see what would happen if horde premaded too. So this is kind of fun for me to participate in since I’m playing horde again. Of course, the games are played a bit differently than they were in P6 Classic.

Didn’t they already make it so that pool boosting can only be done with a level 10 minimum, and it cannot be deleted?

Pool boosting may be virtually dead because of it, but hopefully I’m wrong. If I’m not, they ought to increase bracket sizes to account for it imo. Ranking in SoM is looking like it could potentially be even more degenerate than classic, despite the ranking formula change. (But also in addition to the formula change - 40% decay lol)

I suspect most players won’t like this. That might require them to actually earn wins.

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I think you dont see as many alliance afk’rs because of the 20+min queue times. You can’t be afk and enter the queue. lol

It’s cancer, 3 days in a row now of nothing but AV premades. Steps where taken to stop crap like this in classic and I think it’s time for more then a slap on the hands for people still abusing the system with loop holes in SoM.

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Alliance were premading in phase 6 Classic, I did hundreds of games with those premades as ally so I know exactly how it worked, and right now people are doing it EXACTLY like it was being done in phase 6 Classic.

If Blizzard changes something then they change something but what’s happening now will be hard to fix.

you have a discord sever back in 2005?

I have never understood why they don’t just give the deserter debuff for declining a BG invite. Would solve a great deal of problems and inconvenience almost no one.

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Just nerf av honor to the ground or delete it. Trash can bg


Roger Wilco? Ventrillo? Discord is just a fancier version with pretty pictures.

no they backtracked on this iirc unless there was another later re-addressing of it

I heard that deleted characters weren’t being added to the pool. I read somewhere on discord that people tested this on one of the SoM servers …

LF 40 man AV premade. Have epic mount and full + riding gear enchants/enhancements

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It’s fun when it goes off yeah. I just started an AV with 20 H v 40 alliance because some premade leader obviously sat there going “hmmm, hmmm, hmmm let’s see if we can get one or two more…hmmmm.hmmmm.hmmmmm ok no drop it.”

That’s what makes people complain.