AV Differences?

Is AV going to be a retail replica experience? Or will it be different? I keep hearing conflicting things

No it will not have reinforcements.

I thought they were using the version that did have reinforcements??

They aren’t using the oldest version of AV, but they are using a version where Vann/Drek are considerably weaker (and as such it is highly likely that the meta will be to rush the final boss, skipping all towers)

They are not, reinforcements were not in vanilla and classic won’t have them.

The people claiming they are using the retail version are just fear mongering.

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I do believe you are wrong. As far back as I can remember they had reinforcements. When we use to summon the raid bosses we had reinforcements.

Reinforcements were added very late in BC.

They are using the boss rush version if remember correctly for that period of time. And enabled cross server, which is going to be weird for me tbh, due to PvP rankings.

Reinforcements were NEVER in Vanilla. Thank God

This is correct. The beginning to the trash they play today. ( I couldn’t help myself)

Yep, we’re getting the sweet spot of AV.

NPCs nerfed so it’s more of a pvp map but no reinforcements.

To each their own.

I honestly not sure how I feel about 1.12 version. On one hand, don’t need to do the summons to get through, on the other we have the imbalanced choke points with everyone trying to just rush to towers then boss.

You could summon the raid bosses even and BC and beyond, and as far as I am aware, still can. It’s just nobody ever does.

It takes time to collect the items to summons them…If it is designed to rush rush.,…why summons if it takes time…

okay so if its just going to be a rushfest what’s the difference? are people going to kill wolves/rams? are they going to do turn ins and try to summon stuff? are people actually going to turtle or race to the boss?

They probably will try to do that stuff until they hit exalted. Then it’s zergfest.