AV Cave Rez situation

No I didnt. I just pointed them out as there were established reasons for them happening - those changes were made and I had nothing to do with it. I might agree with them but my opinion of that is inconsequential - I also pointed out that that those two things are not even remotely close to the same thing.

Getting rid of premades, tweaking certain aspects of the map, etc are not the same thing as overhauling the map because some people think it would be a good thing to do for their own personal benefit.

Yeah, that. :frowning:

Retail? Lets recreate the entire BG that best represents AV in vanilla
Classic? Lets give them… esports… ?

Maybe there is a language barrier? Or maybe the web browser is hacked on their end?

Since blizz got bought out by activision, the people that truly care about the games, and are the most creative, have either left or have been let go.

…also a chance of Blizz now intentionally making the games less fun.

There are a few left like Omar, but I’m sure they are stretched so thin with developing Naxx and TBC, they just don’t have the time to fix AV, or they just don’t care enough.

It’s a slippery slope with the #nochanges crowd, but things like getting ported back to Aid from SF, or sent to Cave instead of Aid should be no brainer fixes.

I doubt either of those will change the win rate significantly. That would take a rez overhaul like moving the Horde cave back, or shifting the GY flags around.

Too much of a longshot on the last one.

I mean in the same "breath we saw both:

as well as retail getting the very thing we had been asking for, that had all of those things that we were being told that they were glad to have removed for classic.

Smells like a duck and floats like a duck. It is pretty clear that while they may not have a hatred for one faction or the other, they certainly have ill will toward players who were coming back to the game for the vanilla experience (not those that were getting it as a gift with their existing retail sub).


Blizz isnt going to go nuts with overhauling classic because a) theyre working on shadowlands and b) it would be an admission that retail isnt the better game. Plus, that wasnt the intent of classic to begin with.

They should have done a complete separation of the two games all the way around. Outsource it to another firm or division within the company and operate them as two distinct entities. In that way, you coulda rebirthed classic and possibly entertained the idea of Classic + wherein you make classic a better and more complete version of itself - but none of that is ever gonna happen.

That horse left the barn the moment Brack opened his mouth up on stage about every retail account getting gifted Classic. It virtually guaranteed that classic would be done with retail players in mind rather than those who had been begging for a return to vanilla since the very first xpack.


Dont speak such things I can already hear delimicus riding to this thread to tell about how blizzards staff remains unchanged

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The version of AV we have is as much a part of the vanilla experience as the version you want.

While offering both would be fine, the version we have is true to vanilla and consistent in general to pick the end result of vanilla basically being a beta test for a lot of things. A test which early AV failed.

You still haven’t answered my earlier question about why it should be a choice of both, when you claim that the “same issues” (racing, etc) exist in it. You have completely ignored answering what would be the downside of having KR and only KR.

And yet the “museum” of vanilla did not get the version that blizzard felt best represented vanilla AV, the version they used for the 15th anniversary.

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This thread has the 3rd most replies on this forum.

Yeah, but it is the same handful of posters.

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This thread to massive :sweat_smile: can’t read it all… Yes Av has always been in favor for the horde, but hey alli still win sometimes. Its far to late to fix Av, alliance have already accepted that Av is not a place for them so not afk’ing and working as a team is just a lost memory of days passed. The battle ground is much to quick for the size of it. Alliance used to win much more in vanilla as there was more opportunity to overcome the disadvantages because of the longer battles. The spirit of Av is long gone. you’ll never get those days back from vanilla it was like a game in a game. Instead of standing in stormwind lfm to do a dungeon you would be lfm to go on stealth mission or Locking down a bunker for 2hours, it was very fun and I have very fond memories of that time. I was very disappointed when Av was released in classic and it was nothing not even a tiny bit like the old days oh well :older_adult:


Because choice is fine, there’s people like you who want 1.5 and that’s fine. The downside of only having 1.5 is that we would only have 1.5. Which despite what some people think actually wasn’t very popular in vanilla which is of course why it was changed in the first place.

I know you don’t like that fact but it’s a flat out fact. And the reasons they gave for this version in classic are exactly why it was changed during vanilla. It was a failure as a map in practice.

Because they don’t feel 1.5 is the best representation of AV. Not only did it not exist for any longer than the version we have it was changed during vanilla.

It was released in retail as a novelty, a gimmick.

It was done because people were using outside unapproved third party addons for getting premades. and the Addon was disallowed to both sides so that neither Horde or Alliance could use them in AV

Hence fair play for both sides.

Except that was how it worked in vanilla.

Either #nochanges or not. And if not then the changes horde wanted shouldn’t be any more relevant than the changes alliance want.

If i run a raid consistently with Rogues pretending to be tanks for all bosses, then wipe 19 times out of 20 on each boss…

Must be Blizzards fault


If blizzard removed warriors, bears and pallies from alliance with no replacements but left for horde yes it would 100% be blizzard’s fault.

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