AV bonus honor is not working. Please fix ASAP

I’m 999/1000 exaulted on the character I’m playing on, so I would never have noticed that.

basically nothing changed from yesterday to today with AV weekend.

AV weekend is cancelled!

Can we get a blue response on this please??? AV weekend and were getting no bonus honor

What makes you think it’s the bonus honor from the weekend?
My buddy has been getting over 4k for losses, which is way more than what you would get on a non-weekend. ( I was trolling about AV weekend being cancelled lol)

Right, I’m definitely getting more honor than normal, but the math is still wrong somewhere.

End game showed 5k but it did not ADD all of it to my honor total.

Did you calculate the difference - I got a 198 honor difference for a loss.
That’s not the equivalent of bonus honor

For a win - my honor tab reflected exactly the scoreboard at the end so maybe it’s something to do with a loss?

Looks like it’ll be fixed (whenever “realm restart is”)

It’s not just for losses.

Just had a win, Got 9 honor kills, I only saw 7, at least 269 honor

Started at 224959
Board said 5346
Expected Honor 230,305+
Actual Honor 228617
So at least 1688 honor is missing.

Well looks like it’ll be fixed at server restart, which I assume is in the morning or over night (actually not quite sure when daily restart occurs now lol)

do we get all the missing honor from av today? its a crap load

I seriously doubt that but who knows

I’d like to know if this actually happens because I’ve been camping Prince Nazjak for the tidal charm that will not drop and I want to know if I need to watch out for him tomorrow lol. So if someone says something about a reboot that would be nice.

Anyway yeah, I doubt there will be any sort of “honor recovery”.

Oh, a side note I’m queuing these AV games, and playing horde is truly an awful experience. Trying to make it fun solo isn’t happening either because everything gets thwarted. So I’d rate this as a 0.1/10 on the fun scale but I guess now is better than next week or whatever even with the bug. :frowning: I’m big on only playing when it’s fun but just want the R10 gear because that will make the other BGs better for this toon if they ever come back (although I’d probably play someone else anyway).

You should join the premade AV discord. Solo queueing isn’t worth it.

That’s a good tip thanks. I’ll look into it.

ohhh its back?

where is this discoord

Or just afk somewhere and get like 5k honor in 6 min while folding laundry or doing some push ups

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Yeah, I hate actually afking although I would fold laundry at the same time while watching the screen. I did keep taking breaks and housecleaning yesterday.

Anyway, I see there was the reset so that’s good for me to know and hopefully, it fixes the problem for people. I was paying attention to my numbers yesterday and they did not look off.