"Automatically removed quote of whole previous post."

(Autai) #1

Why does this keep happening to me? I’m trust level 3. I’m not generally quoting folks with links or anything, just plain text.


Are you quoting the entirety of the original post? If so, I think the same has happened to me. It kind of makes sense in that it’s a bit redundant considering you’re replying to said post, but it would be nice if there was an explanation associated with the removal of the quoted text.

Do you get any sort of notification when it happens?


Seems like there have been other reports of this actually: 'System' removing post quotes.


I’ve been experiencing this issue as well on the Forums. Each time I quote a post to reply to, “System” will automatically remove my quote once I go to post my message.

Hoping this is resolved soon as it appears to happen to every post I quote lately.

(Maizou) #5

It’d be nice if it was redundant, but for instance, I quoted the post above me, but there’s no evidence that I did.

It removes ALL evidence you quoted the post, including the “Reply Indicator.” So unless someone actually looks at the post above yours, for all they know, you’re just making a random comment in the thread.

There’s a reason we quote the person above us. It’s so they (and people reading the thread) know we’re talking to a certain person.

For instance, if I come back to a thread after sleeping, and I don’t have a reply indicator in my notifications, I’m not going to know someone replied to me. I’m not going to search my own posts to see if anyone replied directly below me.

I’ve already found multiple posts I’ve missed because of this new “feature” over the past few days.

(Atalanta) #6

This is still happening to me. I’m not sure why.

Honestly, I dislike the idea in general. If I want to quote the post, I should be able to quote the post.

Currently I keep seeing posts that do not say who it’s responding to at all, even though the response doesn’t line up with the post above it. I’ve even seen my own posts not show who I’m replying to even though it’s a few posts up.

The system seems to jump the gun on edits, and quoting should (IMO) not be something it looks at in any way unless I’m quoting something against the rules. Like, if it’s foul language that I’ve quoted, I can understand the system will rectify both the quote and the original post.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about, except I’ve noticed it happen even when the reply isn’t the immediate above post (sometimes it’s 2-3 posts up). I’ve always noticed that replying to the original post shows no “reply indicator” which furthers the issue, because then who am I talking to? The person above me? The OP? The person a few posts above?