Auto Attack Permanently Paused

Casting healing rain → auto attacks paused
25 tauren shaman
Crusader Strike

So like almost every shaman on COPIUM, I’m sure we all theorycrafted a 2h build. Because there’s no rune on chest that would give us any benefit, i was thinking of going healing rain, ancestral guidance, and water shield to have a big burst cd and some consistent damage with shocks.

I just unlocked healing rain finally and was testing to see how this held up, if it held up at all.

Like we all know, casting will reset your melee swing timer. Not a huge thing since the healing rain 1k dmg will be worth losing one white hit. But with healing rain and a 2h axe specifically, If healing rain was your last global, your auto attack timer is now paused PERMANENTLY.

I was auto attacking the centaur south of freewind post for this test. No matter what I did, startattack macros, clicking the mob, dropping combat, I become unable to auto attack whatsoever. Only when I used another spell would my auto attacks begin to resume. Didn’t know healing rain was a pacifist rune.

Need more testers on this!
Don’t let the phase 1 dream die!


This also happens when using 1h+ shield or when dual wielding. Healing rain just shuts your auto attack off for its entire duration.

I tested it on a mob just now DWing and casting shocks didn’t re-start it. It was just disabled until the healing rain expired.

What you’re describing definitely sounds like a bug however, it’s good practice to throw in lots of “/startattack” lines into almost every offensive macro so that your auto-attack will quickly be re-enabled on the next action you take.

Yea, thankfully it was fixed in the December 14th hotfixes:

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