<Australasian Salmon> - Raiding and M+ guild - Wed/Mon 6-8 server time - LF raiders/M+ers

Hi Barthilas,

Australasian Salmon are a horde guild recruiting for Raid and M+. We have recently transferred from Cael to Barthilas.

  • We raid Monday and Wednesday, 6pm-8pm Server time. We also have an alt raid 7-9pm on Saturday.

  • We’re primarily after main spec DPS players, with off-spec heals/tanks obviously being a bonus.

We generally raid heroic and partial mythic (when raid team size allows) and have a bunch of fairly active m+ players.

We’re pretty laid back attitude wise, and I like to think we have a good time.
Please don’t apply if you don’t get on well with others.

Please get in touch with me at Zuzgar#1102, or apply via the guild finder if you’re interested :grin: