[A][US][Stormrage] <Karma> Is recruiting for 9.2! =)

<Karma> Is recruiting laid back players looking for a great social atmosphere, M+, PvP, Casual weekend raiding in 9.2 & a place to call home. We’re a guild with history over 15 yrs, and 2 realm 1st in WOTLK . We offer organized structure, a fun, active community & Discord! (18+)

For all your recruiting questions and needs, please contact me (Heartofwill#1804) via Battlenet or Whodaboss (Joey)#6884 on Discord. If I’m not online feel free to drop a line to another guild member. For any other questions please feel free to stop by our discord which can answer most if not all your questions @zZWMY4DXDV

Karma is A guild founded by Whodaboss (Joey) On December 2009. We originally started as A hardcore PVP Horde guild named Badass. We then we switched to Alliance and wanted to “try hard” WOTLK and renamed to Infinity. We finished the rest of the expansion strong and lead to us being the 25HC Lich King and Hailion Realm first holders for Darkspear US during 2009. In May 2016 We server changed to Stormrage for A more active PVE raiding atmosphere, and more PVE recruits. With the release of Classic we achieved realm 2nd on Horde-Mankirk for MC & ONY then got A little burnt out of the lack of content and Rag RP farming. Over the years here at Karma we have made lots of buddy’s, some of which we consider family. But as time goes on not only do people progress in game, but real life as well. People have kids/jobs etc. & we slowly start losing some of our veterans over the years.
With time, we tended to be less elitist about some things over the years becoming more Semi-Hardcore & eventually focusing on M+ and other content outside of raiding. We strive to this day to encourage our players that everyone should be constantly trying to improve & strive to be the best they can be. We still push content in both Raids/Dungs/PvP, we will always be here with an open hand willing to help, never tearing each other down or being elitists in the process. Our friendships we have made and the bonds made through the keyboard blood, sweat and tears will always outweigh the benefits of progression at the cost of being elitist. At the end of the day whether we are cutting edge or not, we will always value friends. Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things or people brought together!

I also want to share about our guild to any prospective members. We’ve been around a while now, stable with the same leadership and the same drive we have had since the start. There’s no yelling in our raids, not to say that there isn’t frustration but we treat everyone with respect, a mature mutual respect that comes with understanding that each and every player is here to see the content cleared and have fun. That we may not all be perfect, and we are going to make mistakes, but we will learn from them, and we are going to get it done. Besides the raiding that we do, there are other activities guildies take part in.

Honestly, in a lot of ways we are like a family. I know each and every single member of the guild, and in fact I recruited most of the people here. We are not strangers, we know each other, we talk about !@#$, and we have a good time. And I would love to see some fresh new faces, to add to our team! Feel free to hit me up, I’d love to talk to anyone interested in learning more about us!


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