[A][US][Stormrage] <Functional> 9/10 M SoD, CE CN T/W/TH 9-11:30 EST

knocking out +15 achievements left and right!

looking for more friends for keys and things!

hey look a bumpity bump

Would like to talk with you guys!


We would like to talk to you. : P

Mafia boss voice: I want to… talk… to you.

last week my father died but now he lives again because wow what a great guild and i forgot all about daddy thanks to these fine young people and their cool taste in music and i still cry a lot but its ok because when i raid with these people they wipe the tears away even though my dad will never come back i can still see him in my dreams just like when i dream to get the CE azshara kill but seriously these guys are great i miss u dad

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The Cougar Cave is a real place with real supple cubs all over the place. Just imagine the concubine section of Black Temple, like that but Mae is Illidian and is all about all those supple cubs.

When this goes to the top; we make new friends.

OMFG SPARROW >.< there is no cougar cave!

We stream our raids; hit us up for a link.

Engaging content to be had!

heroic tonight! tune in!

always looking for new friends! come binge m+ with us!

Come do things and stuff with us.

wow omg super cool guild they dont even care about my arrest record

The zaqul push is real tonight!

Looking forward to meeting new friends!

pushing keys tonight!

any ranged dps out there?

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