[A][US][Stormrage] <Functional> 9/10 M SoD, CE CN T/W/TH 9-11:30 EST

< Functional >

Tues/Weds/Thur 9:00-11:30(EST)

Sanctum of Domination 9/10 M, 10/10 H
Castle Nathria 10/10 M CE
Ny’alotha CE

< Functional > is a mythic progression orientated guild who enjoys playing together with zero drama.

Progression raiding remains Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9pm-11:30pm EST; Invites at 8:45pm EST.

Outside of that we have a lively community, always welcoming friends/casuals, which enjoys PvP and M+.

On Friday we run an alt or sale run depending on the week.

What we expect from you:

To be properly/max geared, enchanted and gemmed.
Maintain good raid attendance (barring emergencies).
If you cannot make raid please post to communicate.
Come prepared and on time with consumables.
Have a reliable connection/computer.
Be an asset to us. We want to get you in/get you gear but you need to show you deserve it.
Mythic raiding experience comparable to ours is an asset.
Have a good attitude in raids and out. This means no drama what so ever and be able to wipe to new encounters and maintain a good attitude etc.
Be willing to sit. If you are sat, be ready to come back in at any point.
We do not carry people through raids.
We are a team and it takes all of us to be on top of our game to progress as quickly as possible.

Always interested in exceptional players of any class or role

We are actively recruiting the following roles-
Ele Shaman
WW Monk
Swing Healer - Non Resto Sham or Holy Priest

We will contact through battle.net after you apply @

https:// tinyurl .com/functionalapp


this is a bump!


Great community and very good pace of progression.

Ben’s a fungi!

Doing my part~

@taijo I guess we need to look into getting you a 401k.

Do we have dental and vision benefits, too?

I will join as long as there is no loud burping on the mic during raid

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Hi, I am a DK. I would like to come hang out with you guys.

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Join this guild and you’ll get a free flatscreen tv

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I like flatscreen tv’s.

come join us on our heroic fun run!

Fun is an understatement.

super fun and entertaining! still looking for dps :slight_smile:

We need moar dots; dots of every kind!

I can only put flame shock on so many targets, damnit.

I appreciate your dedication to the cause.

I just came over from a very dead server, and I saw the guild recruitment in trade chat what a bunch of lovely people.

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We like friends from dead servers! Come sell carry runs with us!

always looking for more friends: raiders, socials, m+, pvp, come join us!