[A][US][Stormrage] <Functional> 12/12H 4/12M 7/8M T/W/TH 9-11:30 EST

I suggest a warlock.

Grats on 7/8!

One dead Harbinger, now to commit regicide~

friday the 13th, good luck out there!

funday heroic tonight

If you are looking for a rogue

to the top!

Hey Lash, please feel free to reach out to mini or myself, i dont see a way to contact you in your thread :frowning:

Beams of doom, doo doo do doo.

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Queen is fun!

on the bump train!

I also bump things on trains.

That sounds… dangerous.

Come have fun with us!

come to heroic with us tonight!

Or big keys!

still looking for 8.3 fam! come join us :slight_smile:

very fam
much fam
always fam

I read farm for a minute there.

nope! such fam.