[A][US]<Dark Intentions> 8/12M NWC Recruiting!

[A][US][MoonGuard] is a chill, laid back, mature adult guild looking to grow its raid team for Ny’Alotha! We are currently ranked #6 on the server and are 8/12 M and 12/12 H NWC. We are now looking for ranged DPS - preferably Warlock, for its progression Mythic raid team. Come join us while riding out the Covid-19 social distancing! Now is the perfect time!! Raid nights are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8:00pm to 10:00pm SERVER.

We ask that you have a good working knowledge of your spec and are willing to use the tools available (WowAnalyzer, WipeFest, Warcraft Logs) to help improve and work with the raid team. We require a minimum of blue/purple parses on the current heroic raid tier. We are looking for serious, reliable members and are open to cross-realm people for our team as long as you are serious about Mythic progression and show up each week.

We are still welcoming members for our weekly heroic team as well.

We have helpful members that can help gear, help work through rotations, and who have a great deal of knowledge on the game and fights. We also run Mythic+ several nights a week. We have guild bank, guild repairs and an active discord. We hold guild events such as Achievement runs and Cards Against Humanity!

We are also welcoming players looking for a mature guild who enjoy playing the game and wish to do so in a comfortable, non-toxic atmosphere.

We don’t support drama or abrasive members; adult humor is a must. If you are interested in joining us, please reply below or contact us in game: yajinni#1786 and/or moon#15106. We are also listed on the in-game Guild Finder. Just mention in the comments that you saw our post on the forums!

Come join us! We look forward to hearing from you!