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We are an established guild looking to fill in multiple raiding spots to down Mythic N’zoth before expansion. We are looking for all specs at the moment. We are very community oriented and have a mix of raiders from casual and serious. Our discord is very fun and we are one big family. The requirements we are looking for are listed here:

  1. 465+ Ilvl
  2. AOTC
  3. Rank 3 Essences
  4. BiS corruption on most items (Preferred all however)
  5. Knowledge of fights
  6. A serious desire to down Mythic N’zoth before expansion
    Leadership skills are a plus

We also have casual raiding team as well for anyone who just wants to join a nice WoW family, work on getting to Mythic raiding or just to make new friends =)

Please post below here or on my Battletag: Angellord#11835 for a tryout.