[A][US] <One Shot> T / Th 10/11H 11/11N Mythic & Heroic Teams!

Hello all and Welcome to One Shot!

Since forming in February 2021, One Shot has been a progression-oriented, adult-filled guild that strives to keep the game fun, while still getting stuff done. We are a guild that welcomes all experience levels, whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or just venturing into Azeroth for the first time!

You’re always free to do what you want to. Play the Class, Spec, and Covenant of your choice, and enjoy the game and the people you play it with! We have an experienced raid team that looks to push into mythic every tier and is always willing to help people out.

We have a very active community, especially on discord, and tend to avoid PUG groups if at all possible. Running in a guild group is always better!

Raid Schedule:

  • Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00 - 11:30 pm EST

Starting after AOTC in Sepulcher, we will be running two teams every Tuesday / Thursday night, one will be dedicated to progressing through mythic, the other more relaxed and reclearing heroic, doing alt runs, achievement runs, etc. Spots for both groups are available.

Current Progression:

  • SoFO: 10/11H 11/11 N

Previous Progression:

  • SoD: 10/10H & 4/10M
  • CN: AOTC & 3/10M

Current Recruitment Needs

  • Mythic Capable raiders, previous experience a bonus
  • All roles available for Heroic group

All applicants will be considered regardless of class/spec.

Each tier we have the goal of achieving realm first AOTC, and from there we move into an eased mythic progression where our goal is to kill as many bosses as we can while not hating our lives.

Mythic Plus

Our members look to achieve KSM (at a minimum), and we are looking for more players who enjoy running M+ to gear and progress higher as a guild. We also have members timing +20 keys to access the portals.

I would love to get the chance to chat with you. We are on the connected Vek’Nilash, Nazgrel, and Nesingwary server group.

Logs are available on request.

If interested, feel free to reply to this post or reach out on discord or battle.net, or join our recruitment server, where we can chat with no pressure to make any commitment.
Discord: Letholas#9581
Btag: Leth612#1265

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Our sire progression tonight will also be streamed on twitch!
ttv/letholas :slight_smile:

Still growing and looking for like minded people! Feel free to reach out! Groups of friends are more than welcome, and we’re happy to talk to guilds looking to join forces with us as well!

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Sire is going down tonight! Get ready for mythic on tuesday!

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Updated recruitment

Always accepting new members :slight_smile: more and more joining every week!

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Bumping - looking for new players interested in learning to raid, as well as DPS for mythic roster

Looking for Monk and Hunter to join our raid team. We can help you get gear if you’re not quite there yet ! Always open to any applications

Updated progression - 2/10M now!

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