<August Coterie> an RP and casual PvE guild is recruiting!

Guild Name: August Coterie
Guild Type: RP, Casual PvE
Recruitment Contacts: Tenen (@XavierTeatime#6004 on Discord)

IC Information: The August Coterie was formed by three newly-met friends in the valley of Winterspring. Their shared impulse for pursuing knowledge while traveling to all distant corners of Azeroth brought them together, despite each coming from a unique past. As snow fell from the clouds with Mount Hyjal in view, the trio determined that to expand their collective, they must travel to the capitals of Stormwind, Darnassus, and Ironforge to spread word of their endeavors. Now comprised of scholars, explorers, and crafters, the Coterie continues to embark on adventures in hopes of discovering hidden secrets of their world while among the good company of friends.

OOC Information: Hello, Bloodsail Buccaneers! The August Coterie is recruiting once again. I am Tenen, currently the acting guildmaster. We are primarily a roleplaying guild but we do have a healthy number of level 60s with raiding ambitions. Currently we are looking to recruit members interested in either or both ends of the spectrum.

Our roleplay focuses on exploration and scholarly pursuits for lost knowledge and hidden power across all of Azeroth. Currently we seek to hold weekly guild meetings in Stormwind, with multiple expeditions out into the world per month. If your character has a thirst for knowledge, adventure, or just likes hitting bad guys over the head, we’ve got a place for you!

Our raiding schedule and rules is still being worked out. Our guiding philosophy is to be casual, laid back, friendly, and fun. We will be looking to Molten Core and Zul’Gurub first, with other raids to potentially come later.

If you are interested, shoot a whisper to Tenen in game, or slide into my DMs on Discord @XavierTeatime#6004. I’m happy to talk or answer any questions.

For the Alliance!


Join our awesome team! Great adventures await!

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The Coterie rock! Glad these lot are out there exploring.

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to give a heads up that August Coterie will no longer be advertising as a Casual PvE guild. We will be focusing exclusively on being a Heavy RP guild going forward.


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