Audio master volume and effects blow out bug


So since last week’s reset 01/31 I keep regularly getting a really annoying bug. Periodically if I teleport somewhere (use a hearthstone, portal etc), when I load in my master volume along with my effects volume turn up from 20 to 100 on their own and blow out my audio. All my other audio settings are on 0 and remain at 0. This ALSO happens sometimes when I am battle rezzed or resurrected in general while playing. It does not occur 100% but drives me crazy especially if it happens mid M+. It’s happening multiple times a day.


I get this same problem. I have master volume set to 5%, and when I take a portal, there’s a good chance it will jump up to 25%. Over headphones, this becomes extremely noticeable and annoying.

it seems to happen most often with the Primalist Future portal (coming back to our time after the event), but it can happen with any portal use.

I have been having this problem for a while now, but it seems to be happening more and more often as time goes on. Mine always ends up with each audio setting being at 100% or 0%. Absolutely blows my ears out.

My dialogue isn’t working in dungeons. It works in quests, is checked - but doesn’t work in dungeons.

I literally just started having this happen to me tonight doing timewalking. Middle of a dungeon and the volume will spike to 100% on all settings. What’s weird is a /reload ui puts them back to the normal settings, so whatever it is isn’t being saved luckily.

I’m getting the same bug every time I hearth.

Same issue here! Seems to happen whenever you load into a new zone, (via hearth, portal, lfg, lfr, timewalking, etc), and upon loading in “Master Volume,” “Effects” and “Dialog” all reset to 100, whereas “Music” and Ambience" reset to 0. Please fix this soon! It’s so annoying lol

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